Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on road bike saddle comparison or test 2018

  • Road bike saddles have a compact design and offer a weight optimized for their purpose, which is up to 50% lower than conventional bicycle saddles.
  • When choosing and adjusting the saddle is a stretched, but not bent seating position crucial, as it has a long-lasting influence on the ergonomics of the seat.
  • A bicycle saddle for racing bikes can be made of different upholstery and upholstery materials, for example, when leather as a reference material especially the care intensity and gel as a cushioning material, the pressure distribution as criteria are crucial.

Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018: bike

Cyclists can be found in all age groups and occupational groups. In 2015 alone, according to a survey, 27.5% of respondents cycled between 2 501 km and 5 000 km (source: Statista). Especially as a racing cyclist you should be hard-tested if you want to be fast. But where the car is a complete seat with massage function, heated seats and often also with armrest for driving comfort, the cyclist and especially the racing cyclist must be content with a saddle, which offers him significantly less comfort features.

Therefore, we offer you our Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018, which will help you to find the best road bike saddle for your purposes and needs. You will also receive a purchase advice from us with important information regarding road bike saddles, such as the available cover materials, which include not only the relatively care-intensive leather but also more easy-care synthetic materials. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to our further product comparisons around the subject of bicycle accessories.

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1. The saddle for the road bike - only the hard ones come into the garden

Why do road bike saddles have a narrow saddle nose?

The narrow nose allows a close to the frame extending knee movement, which on the one hand reduces the knee load while driving and on the other hand also allows a better transmission of pedaling power.

A road bike saddle represents one Saddle type, which promises a particularly high weight saving due to its compact design compared to conventional bicycle saddle. This provides for road cycling, but also for mountain biking for a good driving dynamics. It consists of a padded caliper body, which is provided with a surface cover.

The assembly is carried out on an adjustable seat post, which represents the connector between the bicycle frame and saddle. A bent forward, but not hunchbacked posture allows a sporty driving style. The upholstery is rather taut to hard, which makes them significantly different from the broad, soft padded saddles that are used for example in the city or Hollandrad.

2. What should be considered when buying a road bike saddle?

2.1. seating position

Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018: bike

If you want to buy a road bike saddle, you should definitely test it on a road bike or mountain bike.

The right Sitting position on the road bike is due to the type of bike as athletic, which results from sitting on a road bike saddle with a torso leaning forward in the direction of the handlebar.

Here, the attitude should, however, rather stretched, which promises in addition to a favorable aerodynamics and the prevention of health problems that may occur in hunchbacked posture, for example in the areas of the neck and the lumbar portion.

For this it is particularly crucial that in the case of the seat post and seat height adjusted to your height, a horizontal alignment of the saddle is possible. However, to make sure that you enjoy racing cycling in the long run, the following altitude information is crucial when buying a racing bike:

  • frame height
  • adjustable handlebar height
  • adjustable saddle height

2.2. Saddle width and length

As our comparison has shown, most road bike saddles have a width of just over 120 mm up to 160 mm and a length of about 270 to 300 mm, which is in most cases suitable for both women and men.

In order to the ride on the road bike remains painless for you and no pressure points on the buttocks can ariseIt is important to pay attention to the width and length of the saddle before you buy. For this purpose, in particular the distance of the so-called ischial tuberosity is used as a criterion.

Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018: bike

The length and width of racing saddles can vary by a few centimeters, depending on the type.

As such, the bones present on either side of the lower pelvic region are referred to as forming the ischial bone.

This aspect should be considered especially because a correct seating position is ensured only by the complete resting of the seat bumps on the saddle.

In an upright sitting position, as used in e.g. City wheels are the case, these absorb the forces acting on the buttocks, whereas in the posture on the road bike these act on the pubic bone.

To relieve the latter, some road bike saddles are therefore equipped with a pubic recess, which is particularly suitable for frequent travelers. However, since the ischial tuberosity can vary from person to person and from man to woman, a trial sitting and an extensive test drive before the purchase is in any case advisable.

2.3. Saddle cloths

Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018: comparison

If you buy a road bike, this can already be equipped with a high-quality saddle from the factory.

When choosing the saddle cover you have a wide range of materials available.

In addition to synthetic upper materials and a cotton fabric, whose main advantages are a low maintenance effort, there are saddle covers also the combination of Microtex and suede. Although this provides a soft surface, it is also quite maintenance-intensive.

In addition are Also available are microfibre and synthetic leather saddlesBoth offer a soft reference surface as a saddle type, whereas leather saddles finally adapt to the shape of the buttocks only after a running-in period of approx. 300 km. Synthetic leather also has the advantage that it is often cheaper than weatherproof and weather-resistant and therefore also suitable for everyday use.

Tip: Treat leather saddles at regular intervals (approximately every three months) with leather grease, so that the material remains supple for a long time and no cracking is possible.

2.4. Materials for upholstery

In this category exists the Choice between different types of foam as well as gelThe latter is characterized in particular by its stability and a good pressure distribution, which prevents the formation of pressure points on the buttocks.

To choose from, however, is synonymous Natural rubber, which does not represent upholstery in the true sense, but provides a good pressure distribution. In addition, it should be noted with this material that it adapts to the shape of the buttocks over time and therefore requires a certain amount of time to get used to.

A cool down complacent?Depending on the type, road bike saddles can also have a so-called airflow cooling. This means a recess in the saddle surface and serves to reduce the formation of sweat in the buttocks area while driving.

2.5. mass

Road Bike Saddle Comparison 2018: saddle

A cheaper road bike saddle does not necessarily fare worse in a road bike saddle test compared to more expensive models.

Here is the rule: the lower, the better. Most road bike saddles move in a weight frame of just over 200 to over 400 g.

In terms of weight, we also want to remind you that This can have an impact on the time spent, especially during competition and training.

3. Which road bike saddle manufacturers are there?

As there is no Road Bike Saddle Test available from Stiftung Warentest, we would now like to give you a brief overview of the most popular road bike saddle manufacturers.

If you are now looking for your personal road bike saddle test winner, we can recommend you not only brands with a lower level of recognition, but also high-quality saddles such as fizik, Velo or OUTERDO, two particularly renowned manufacturers, which we will briefly introduce below:

ManufacturerManufacturer information
BrooksEnglish leather saddle manufacturer founded in 1866, who still produces his saddles by hand.
Selle ItaliaItalian bicycle saddle manufacturer founded in 1897, who initially made bicycle saddles for transport wheels.

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