Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for road bike tire comparison or test 2018

  • Road tires are suitable for both amateur and competitive use and are available as wire, folding or tubular tires.
  • Road tires offer better driving dynamics compared to other tire types such as lower weight and lower rolling resistance.
  • Road tires can be driven with a comparatively high air pressure exceeding five bar.

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: tires

No matter if you are traveling with a two- or four-lane vehicle - driving safety is in all cases a good contact with the road, thanks to which you stay in the selected lane both on the straight and in tight bends. The tire also plays a central role in the bicycle. Similar to motor vehicles, these can be assigned to different categories in cycling. Especially with sporty and fast driving style, good grip is not only crucial for fast lap times, but also provides the cyclist or racing cyclist with a cushion of safety during fast overtaking.

For this reason, we have put together in our road bike tire comparison 2018 a buying guide with all the important information on this subject such as the available tire sizes and the different road bike tire types. So you're sure to find the best road bike tire for your fast bike.

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1. The hit with professionals and sports cyclists

When should road bike tires be replaced?

Since racing tires are subject to running and operational wear, they should in particular be replaced when the tread worn, brittle tire flanks or damage to the carcass.

As Rennradreifen a bicycle tire is called, the due to its dynamic driving characteristics, especially in cycling is used and can also be used by amateur sports cyclists. The road bike tires are characterized by a low rolling resistance and good corner handling.

Characteristic of this type of tire is the required air pressure, which can be five to ten bar, which he compared to many other tire types when touched "rock hard" acts. The tire, which is also referred to as a blanket or coat, consists of the following components:

  • tire
  • Tire beads (missing at folding tire)
  • tread

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: road

Especially in cycling it comes on the bicycle tires on good handling characteristics.

The former provides the necessary Stability of the tire, as it encloses a hose filled with high air pressure, depending on the type of tire.

The carcass consists of a fiber fabric, which is the carrier material of the tire rubber and this pulls through with its fibers.

The second important component, the tire bead, provides a wire ring running on both sides along the lower end of the tire sidewall It prevents jumping of the tire and hose from the bicycle rim.

The tread, on the other hand, refers to the part of the tire which is the part of the tire Making road contact and is responsible for the necessary liability of the tire. Depending on the manufacturer and model, this can be profiled to different degrees.

Less is sometimes more: Non-profiled tires as well as those with design-related low profile are referred to as slicks or semi-slicks. However, the liability advantages on dry roads compared to more profiled tires are paid for with poorer wet grip properties.

2. Purchase criteria: What should you look for when buying road bike tires?

2.1. Foldable or not, with tube or without: Types of racing tires

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: tires

Tires for the road bike, unlike MTB tires have no rough profile.

Road bike tires can be divided into different types. Available are, for example, the Clincher equipped with the aforementioned tire bead. They are used in racing bikes, but also in many other types of radar such as city or touring bikes and are considered standard.

As a sub category of clincher so called To call folding tires, which do without wire and are therefore available in folded form to buy. Instead of the wire they have a kevlar thread bundle. This refers to a fabric made of aramid fibers, which is characterized by a low weight and high material resistance. Thanks to this they are on average about 50 to 90 g lighter than clincher tires and lets you reach high speeds.

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: 2018

Depending on the model, road bike tires with more or less profile can be purchased.

Another type of tire used on racing bikes is Tubular tires. Here the hose is an integral part of the tire.

The absence of the tube will save you weight, but the assembly is difficult because the tire is glued to the bicycle rim.

In addition, there istubeless racing tires, also called tubeless tires and require the use of special rims.

The rolling resistance of tubeless tires is significantly reduced compared to the other tire types. This ensures good adhesion, increases comfort and improves puncture protection thanks to the lower air pressure. If you ride your road bike more often on paved roads or uneven roads, we recommend a tubeless tire.

Tip: Racing tires are in principle intended for racing, but - with the right tire type - can also be used as training tires or touring.

2.2. Diameter and height: the tire specifications

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: comparison

Before you buy racing tires, you should pay attention to the tire size. These can be found on both the packaging and the tire sidewall.

Below, we would like to explain in more detail what information you should take into account when buying racing bike tires. First, here is the Tire size, which is usually 28 inches for racing bikes.

She is going through a Specification of the type "700 x 25 C", hereby designating the tire outer diameter and the tire width in mm. The letter at the end, however, indicates the tire height. "C" corresponds to a height of approx. 39 mm.

As our comparison shows, the outer diameter of racing tires today is mainly 700 mm and the tire height is about 39 mm. However, the tire width remains variable, which can be 23 to 28 mm, depending on the model. In our table you will find the most common tire sizes for racing bikes.

tire dimensionouter diametertire width
28 inches (700 x 21 C)700 mm21 mm
28 inches (700 x 23 C)700 mm23 mm
28 inches (700 x 25 C)700 mm25 mm
28 inches (700 x 28 C)700 mm28 mm

According to the European Tire and Wheel Experts Organization (abbreviation ETRTO) is on bicycle and especially racing tires continue to find an indication of the type "25 - 622". This indicates the tire width and the tire inner diameter in mm.

The tightness or density of the carcass fiber fabric is given in EPI or TPI, which means the number of fibers per inch. The higher this value, the denser the fabric of the fibers. In addition, the rolling resistance and puncture resistance increases.

3. Which road bike tire manufacturers are there?

Road Bike Tires Comparison 2018: comparison

Cheap road tires are available not only from lesser-known but also well-known manufacturers.

Although the Stiftung Warentest does not yet have a road bike tire test, a bike lock test has been published in issue 05/15, which may be worth a read, especially for owners of high-quality racing bikes.

If you would like to choose your personal road bike tire test winner, you must first select the manufacturer.

In addition to well-known brands like the bicycle tire specialist Schwalbe, which has existed since 1922 and is now in its third generation Above all, well-known manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin are recommended. For example, you can also get cheap road tires from Kenda.

  • Continental
  • swallow
  • Michelin
  • Vittoria
  • Kenda
  • Maxxis
  • Tannus
  • Hutchinson

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