Roast lamb recipe to make yourself

Fancy roast lamb for Easter

Roast lamb recipe to make yourself: yourself

It belongs to a hearty Easter meal, like the colorful eggs for the Easter breakfast: the lamb roast. Traditionally, in many German families to high church festivals Eaten lamb. You should pay attention to the highest quality. A species-appropriate attitude and natural feeding of the animals are a prerequisite for particularly aromatic and tender meat.

Due to the mild-savory taste Roast lamb is very popular. The meat is low in fat and low in calories, rich in protein and has many important minerals and vitamins. In addition, the preparation is done quickly thanks to the short cooking time. Whether it is grilled, braised, roasted on a spit or cooked in the oven.

Lamb meat tastes with the following Spices especially good: Cinnamon, thyme, rosemary, juniper berries, dill, tarragon, oregano, paprika, curry, pepper, bay leaf and onions.

Delicate and slightly spicy: fine lamb for the Easter table

Lamb is very versatile and therefore also for gourmets a treat. Often, the lamb leg is used for cooking: This is suitable for roasts, goulash, skewers and steaks. From the rack of lamb you can make fine fillets or chops.

For roasts or stews may the fat should not be removed beforehand, because it ensures that the meat is typically tender, juicy and aromatic. Since the fat solidifies already at 30 to 50° C, dishes such as the lamb roast are always to be served hot - preferably on pre-warmed plates.

In the fridge you can cover leftover meat store for three days.

Recipe: roast lamb with cinnamon

The following recipe is for four people. The cooking time is about 90 minutes.


  • Leg of lamb with bone
  • 1 x onion
  • 1 x garlic bulb
  • ½ bunch of soup vegetables
  • 1 x chili pepper
  • 4 tablespoons of brandy
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 250 ml whole milk
  • 250 ml of natural yoghurt
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Brown sauce binder
  • rosemary
  • 4 x cloves
  • 2 x anise stars
  • 1 x cinnamon stick


  • After rinsing the lamb leg thoroughly and dabbing it dry, rub it with brandy and season with salt and pepper.
  • The onions and the soup vegetables are cleaned and cut into large pieces, the unpeeled garlic bulb is cut in half. After the chili peppers have been halved lengthwise, one must decide whether or not the kernels should be removed. Depending on the dish is sharper or milder. Afterwards you can preheat the oven to 180° C.
  • The olive oil is heated in the roasting pan and the meat is sautéed all around. Add the vegetables, the halved garlic bulb and the chilli and brown them until golden brown. Then the cinnamon, cloves, anise and rosemary are added. If everything is easy, the yoghurt and the milk are infused.
  • The oven is turned down to 120° C and let the meat stewed covered in it. From time to time, the roast is doused with brine and checked regularly after 60 minutes, if the meat is ready.
  • Finally, you pass the sauce through a sieve, let it boil and thick with some sauce binder. Brandy and lemon juice complete the taste.

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