Vacuum robots - are they really useful?

High tech is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. The latest achievement of modern technology is vacuum cleaners, which do the sucking all by themselves while you are away from home. Whether these devices actually make sense, and where they are worthwhile, this article illuminates.

Functioning of modern vacuum robots

Vacuuming is a tiresome and time-consuming job. Modern vacuum robots work independently, do their work diligently and then return to their charging station. They can be programmed to suck at certain times, and by now they can tell by themselves which areas they have already cleaned and where they still need to clean.

When the battery charge stops, you automatically return to the charging station until the battery is full again. Then they continue to work independently.

control options

Some robotic robots operate at random, others use cameras, ultrasonic sensors or laser technology, and "know" the spaces they clean. Systematically proceeding robots work more economically and usually require only half of the time for their work.

Thoroughness of cleaning

A comparison of Stiftung Warentest clearly shows that even the best suction robots can not keep up with manual vacuuming by far. The cleaning is often only superficial and not thorough.

Even the best tested devices in the experiment only collected about 20-30% dust from a carpet, while with manual suction it was easy to pick up 85% of the dust with a classic vacuum cleaner. The test result is relatively well documented and accurate.

On slippery floors, the vacuum robots offer reasonably acceptable results, but here, too, the cleaning by hand is much more thorough. The more crooked the apartment, and the more on the ground, the less thoroughly the result usually turns out.

price level

Really good working devices are available only from about 500 EUR, cheap devices cost in trade still around 200 EUR. Given the rather meager performance, the price-performance ratio is probably rather unsatisfactory.

Tips & Tricks

Before you actually make a purchase, you should definitely borrow a vacuum cleaner for some time to test. In this way you can check if you are really satisfied with the result.

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