Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the vacuum cleaner robot comparison or test 2018

  • Vacuum cleaner robots are small, helpful assistants in the household - especially if you have little time to vacuum. They function fully automatically and are particularly suitable for hard floors such as parquet, planks and laminate.
  • Vacuum robots replace in no case the classic vacuum cleaner, but act rather as a supplement to that. Even carpets are not a major problem, but they must be at least 3 cm high.
  • When purchasing vacuum cleaner robots, pay special attention to the charging time and battery life as well as the size of the dust collection container. If you want to use your robot daily, you should at best empty the container regularly.

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: 2018

Vacuum cleaner robots - quasi electric sheep for the home - can do a lot of daily housework for you in a wonderful way. Even if he does not get the performance of a classic vacuum cleaner, such a small robot ensures Efficient dust-free not only on hard floors such as parquet and laminate, but also on carpets, So he acts primarily as a supplementary home help. The fully automatic devices can not only detect obstacles, but also store them and the best part of all this: you do not even have to be home to turn them on and off!

What else you need to know about these technical marvels and which particularly affordable models are available on the market, we tell you in our robotic vacuum cleaner comparison 2018, with the help of which you can also choose your own personal vacuum cleaner robot test winner.

1. What is a vacuum cleaner robot and how does it work?

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: cleaner

When the job is done or the battery is empty, the vacuum cleaner robot automatically returns to the charging station.

1.1. Understanding

A vacuum cleaner robot (also known as a robotic vacuum cleaner) is primarily a largely independent household robotwhich usually takes the form of a cylinder not much more than 30 cm in diameter. Depending on the price, there are now also models that have sensors for orientation, store information about the structure of rooms and - after work - return to your charging station on your own, charge their battery and even autonomously empty the collected dust.

1.2. Avoid collisions

Simple models capture the environment with just one collision sensor, which causes a change of direction of the robotas soon as it approaches an obstacle. The first vacuum cleaner robots did not even need electronics for this purpose - a simple spring mechanism was already enough to turn the device in a different direction when it collided with an obstacle before it could continue working.

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: vacuum

So-called crash sensors prevent the robotic robot from falling into the abyss near the stairs.

More recent robot models are, however, with Ultrasonic, laser or even infrared light equipped to determine by reflections the distance to a possible obstacle and respond accordingly.

By so-called crash sensors, stairs or other height drops are no longer a problem and you can usually refrain from consuming them. Some models are even able to create a spatial plan and optimize their suction as much as possible.

However, very few vacuum cleaner robots can actually orient themselves in space - most models continue to react mainly to collisions and are based on the previously set cleaning time. By creating a so-called weekly program, the small devices are able to several days without an intervention and without supervision to keep the floor of the corresponding apartment clean.

Tip: For more than four rooms (of approx. 20 m² each) we therefore recommend the use of several base stations - if necessary also several vacuum cleaner robots.

1.3. battery pack

Vacuum cleaner robots work with one rechargeable battery with a capacity of currently about 120 minutes, This time is at least theoretically sufficient to clean an average 1-bedroom apartment (including hall, kitchen and bathroom) in a tour, before they have to return to the docking station - as the charging station is also called.

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: robot

With the right settings, you can send your robotic vacuum cleaner to paths optimized for the room to be vacuumed.

Modern vacuum cleaner robots with navigation system manage to clean an apartment of approx. 80 m² within 40 to 60 minutes. Some models will automatically power up the charging cradle as soon as the battery runs out and are ready to start their suction tour afterwards from the last point before the necessary abort continue.

1.4. For whom and what it pays

Vacuum cleaner robots are above all else for those a sensible investment, the much and often need to suck - so for example because of a pet or house dust allergy. Although they can not absorb a lot of dust because of their small size, it goes without saying that if you use your household electronic help every day (or night) you will not notice as much dust as you would on a weekly basis.

Tips for successful sucking with the robot:

  • Keep the room as tidy as possible. In other words, avoid placing furniture in such a way that it does unnecessary angulations form where the device could hang.
  • Remove standing on the floor Vases and cablingwhere the sucker may get tangled.
  • If you have pets in the house, you should do it the first time you try out the robot never leave unattendedto soothe them in case of potential frightening.

Vacuum cleaner robots are best suited for smooth, hard floors such as laminate, floorboards, parquet or tiles, but they are also not suitable for the carpet. However, this should be as possible neither higher than three centimeters nor frailotherwise they could get caught in the rotating brushes of the robot. In principle, the following also applies: The less furniture and angles in a room, the better the vacuum robot can maneuver and the less efficient it works.

The following overview summarizes the Advantages and disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner robot over a conventional vacuum cleaner together:

  • sucks fully automatically
  • no presence required
  • independent emptying
  • especially suitable for hard floors
  • good for allergy sufferers
  • comparatively expensive
  • badly suitable for high pile carpets
  • Sensors sometimes work incorrectly

2. Which devices with similar functionality are there?

In addition to vacuum cleaner robots, there are still other comparable types of machineswhich we would like to introduce to you in the following table:

Lawn Mower

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: cleaner

Mower robots are virtually the outdoor cousins ​​of vacuum cleaner robots for the home. If you have chosen to be supported by such a device in the home, you might have got the taste and also one Lawnmower robot for your garden Interested.

The principle here is quite similar and there are just as many different variants - from the simple variant with collision sensors to those with GPS function. Of course it will nothing sucked away with a robotic lawnmower, but with fine knives mown.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: robot

The cordless vacuum cleaner is considered complementary hand tool for cleaning the apartment with vacuum cleaner and / or vacuum cleaner robot. Small soiling can be eliminated with this device immediately, but really efficient use of battery or hand vacuum cleaner in those places that even a small robotic vacuum cleaner can not reach or reach in his daily tour of the living room floor.

This device is also not a substitute for, but only a supplement to a classic vacuum cleaner.

Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: robot

Although vacuum cleaner robots are already a great help for allergy sufferers through their daily use, they are even more efficient Specially made allergy vacuum cleaners including water and suspended matter filters.

Suspended matter is tiny little particles with a diameter of less than 1 micron, which fly around in the air, consist of bacteria, viruses, pollen, mite eggs and smoke particles and thus make life more difficult for the allergy sufferer.

3. Purchasing advice: What to look for

So that you make everything right when buying a cheap vacuum cleaner robot, you should Pay attention to the following essential criteria:

3.1. Battery charging time and operating time

Robotic vacuum cleaners need a charging station to charge their battery, which will automatically start the device after the end of its tour (or at a correspondingly low battery level). The charging itself takes several hours - how long exactly depends on the station.

Tip: Should not your small robotic vacuum cleaner to one fixed time run every day, but more prone to spontaneous missions, you should remember to charge the robot in time.

Due to the constant charging and discharging of the battery, these only last a limited lifetime - In some vacuum cleaner robots, however, the battery can not be easily changed itself. For such a case, you should keep an eye on the contact details of the manufacturer's customer service.

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: 2018

This is what a vacuum cleaner robot looks like from below. In particular, the size of the wheels can vary widely with different models.

The maximum capacity of the batteries can also vary. Basically you can say: For a room of 20 m², a robotic vacuum cleaner (depending on the complexity of the furniture) needs between 30 and 40 minutes.

3.2. Size of the dust container

The following applies: The larger the vacuum box of the robotic vacuum cleaner, the less often the device must be cleaned. Other factors include the size of the room and the amount of dirt and dust in it. Pets naturally provide an additional "burden" of the vacuum robot. Another crucial factor is of course the frequency of suction robot missions.

If you decide for a model, which is not able to empty the accumulated dust itself (in a box at the charging station), you should at least on the Purchase a robot with the largest possible dust container pay attention and at best clean it as often as possible.

3.3. Height of the vacuum cleaner robot

What may at first glance not seem to be too relevant, is a very decisive purchase criterion: the height of the automatic vacuum cleaner. If the robot is built too high, for example, it will make work under the cupboard or many a bed difficult or completely prohibited. In any case, make sure to measure your carpets, because some devices are already difficult at less than 3 cm height of the carpet edge.

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: vacuum

Climbing small carpets is usually not a problem for a robotic vacuum cleaner.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Caring for a vacuum cleaner robot is not Herculean, but there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, it is important: The device of your desire consists of many small sensors and even more mechanical components. Be sure to clean the following parts at best on a regular basisTo avoid unnecessary repair expenditures:

  • the dust collector or the dust box
  • the dust inlet
  • the rollers and brushes, wheels and axles (where especially hair and similar dirt get stuck)
  • the sensors

Tip: Some devices have a special one Cleaning brush with which it should be easy for you to clean especially the wheels and rollers of the robot. These are particularly affected by "sticky" dirt due to static charge.

5. Well-known manufacturers and brands

The most famous brands and manufacturers of automatic vacuum cleaners include the following:

  • Ariete
  • clatronic
  • CleanMate
  • Dirt Devil
  • Ecovacs
  • Hoover
  • Klarstein
  • iRobot
  • Kärcher
  • LG
  • Mamirobot
  • Miele
  • Neato Robotica
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Samsung
  • Sencor
  • Glossy Ibis
  • Taurus
  • Vileda
  • Vorwerk

6. Further questions and answers about the vacuum cleaner robot

6.1. What do allergy sufferers have to consider?

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA is the abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate arrestance, which can simply be translated as "high performance particulate filter". The development of these filters dates back to the 1940s - when the Manhattan Project was about to remove radioactive particles from the air in the room.

A vacuum cleaner robot is generally considered suitable for allergy sufferers as soon as it meets the following criteria:

  • He should have something called a Suspended matter or HEPA filter which reliably filters the allergens out of the air.
  • The suspended matterIn addition, filter should necessarily interchangeable hisbecause the filter performance wears off over time.
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner should the best of each sucked dirt automatically into one additional bag at the charging station Transfer to avoid unnecessary frequent emptying of the mobile dust box on the device.

6.2. How loud are vacuum cleaner robots?

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaner robots are quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners; the volume is about 60 to 70 dB. When buying, you should pay attention to these numbers, because especially if you want to clean your apartment at night from your electronic companion, even small differences on the dB scale can have a big impact. We recommend devices with a maximum volume of 70 dB.

6.3. Which floors are particularly suitable for vacuum cleaner robots?

With the exception of high pile carpets are in principle all surfaces of an apartment suitable for the use of a vacuum robotHowever, there are two things to consider:

Vacuum Robot Comparison 2018: robot

Make sure that you have cleared all obstacles before leaving the apartment to your robotic vacuum cleaner. Shoelaces are a popular reason for refusing to work.
  • Black or very dark soil may be problematic, as this may be interpreted by some models as a stairway abyss, which means that the robot could chop off the work of confusion.
  • For the range up to a few inches from the wall a vacuum robot usually uses its side brushes, but even sometimes they do not reach the entire area, which is why you if necessary, help manually got to. Again, the device is more efficient on hard floors than on carpets.

6.4. Is there already a vacuum cleaner robot comparison by the Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has carried out a vacuum cleaner robot test in issue 02/2015 and Although praises her in particular independence, But it also criticizes that even the best vacuum cleaner robots can not compete with good vacuum cleaners.
Vacuum cleaner robots have even penetrated into the world of computer games, as the following video illustrates:

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