Are suction robots useful for allergy sufferers?

Especially allergy sufferers, who have to fight with house dust and mites, expect a lot from the thorough, automatic cleaning of a vacuum robot. Whether this actually brings an advantage and what you should pay attention to in any case, read here.

Vacuuming for allergy sufferers

Anyone who is allergic to house dust, must clean his apartment thoroughly. The problem with vacuuming, however, is that in conventional vacuum cleaners there is always a partial discharge of the allergenic particles into the room air.

As a result, allergy-causing substances are released again just by vacuuming. This problem also have suction robots.

HEPA filter

Just as there are ordinary vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter technology, individual vacuum cleaner models can also be equipped with them. However, only a few high-priced models are equipped with this technology. This can be a problem when purchasing.

Thoroughness of cleaning

Especially for allergy sufferers, it is important that it is thoroughly cleaned. A test by Stiftung Warentest has clearly shown that cleaning with vacuum robots often remains deficient.

A manual rework is required in any case, if you want to have a really clean environment. However, the work done by the robotic vacuum cleaner - as often done - can lead to less manual cleaning. After all, a certain amount of time is saved.


In view of the still high prices for powerful robotic robots (in some cases over 500 EUR for well-working models), the question arises, what is actually worth the time savings. But everyone has to decide for themselves individually - best of all, after having tested a vacuum robot for a week (which is usually possible). Then you can decide if you like the result.

Tips & Tricks

Another problem for the thoroughness of the cleaning is that vacuum robots with a round housing only slightly penetrate into the corners. As a result, even large areas remain unpurified. For models with angular housing, the cleaning performance in the corners is slightly better.

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