Robust and easy to clean: the right wall paint for the staircase

In the staircase, a wall paint must be able to withstand a lot, because here there is more or less strong through traffic. Pieces of furniture can only be carried up or down the stairs, while one or the other chair armchair likes to brush against the wall and leave behind an ugly streak. You need a coating that can be easily cleaned afterwards? We have an idea!

That's why latex paints are the hit for the staircase

So-called latex paints are nowadays only very rarely actually made of latex, but rather they are highly durable emulsion paints. So you get a paint that can be processed just like a normal wall paint.

In everyday practice, however, the latex paint proves to be particularly practical after drying: it is resistant to scrubbing and highly water-resistant, so it can be easily moistened with a damp cloth and thus freed of most of the dirt again.

On the (light to strong) glossy surface of a latex paint the dirt does not stick well anyway, but it's just too slippery for that. Of course, this coating can also suffer permanent damage or dirt, but it is far less sensitive than most other paints.

Which wall paint is still suitable for the staircase?

Of course, you can also fall back on a very different color, for example, the little-known silicate paint. This mineral coating silicifies with the mineral substrate and therefore keeps "bombproof" on the wall. However, it does not fit with non-mineral surfaces.

The good thing about the silicate paint: it keeps the wall open to diffusion, hardly gives the mold a chance and is ecologically harmless. So-called dispersion silicate paints form a practical compromise between regular wall paint and pure silicate paint.

Of course, you can also easily resort to a dispersion paint from the hardware store, preferably one with high wet abrasion resistance, so it can be cleaned well. Prefer quality, not cheap prices!

Tips & Tricks

If you decide to use latex paint, it is best to apply a textured wallpaper, such as an easy-to-paper fiberglass wallpaper, to the staircase wall. This gives the surface a beautiful plastic structure!

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