Make rockets and fireworks yourself

Make rockets and fireworks yourself

Make rockets and fireworks yourself: fireworks

The New Year's Eve is celebrated worldwide with a huge fireworks display, colorful fountains, bollards and sparklers.

In order to successfully launch the new year, the editorial team will present various blueprints and crafting instructions in the following.

With it you can make a small firework of sparklers, cold flames to touch and rockets made of different materials and water rockets.

Make fireworks yourself

Fireball Instructions

Instructions for a cold flame that can be held in the hand

For guidance
at about chemistry

Cardboard rocket as a candy dispenser

Illustrated instructions for crafting a decorative cardboard New Year's rocket with candy filling.

For guidance

Build a smoke bomb yourself

Space bomb with potassium nitrate, baking powder, sugar, food coloring. ONLY FOR ILLUSTRATION

For guidance


from plastic bags, paper napkins and small photo film boxes

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at WDR

New Year's fireworks

Instructions for small fireworks from sparklers in flower boxes - harmless spectacle

For guidance
at ZZZebra

Feuerblock: burning block of wood

Build a burning block of wood with a chainsaw and lamp oil - Only under the supervision of an adult!

For guidance
at ZZZebra

Tinker rockets

Homemade Sugar Rocket - Sugar Rockets

Instructions for making homemade New Year's missiles with fuel from sugar and potassium nitrate. (Application at your own risk!)

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at Make

Bubble-Powered Rocket

Building instructions for a rocket with shower drive

For guidance
at NASA Space Place

water rocket

great fun for outdoors

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at GamesWiki

Rocket Breakaway

Blueprint for printing

For guidance
at countdown magazine

Beginner model BASIC 1

Blueprint and instructions

For guidance
at countdown magazine

Rocket Ship from a Tube

Paper rocket made of toilet paper roll and construction paper: crafting instructions

For guidance
at Enchanted Learning

Build your own paper rocket

Paper rocket with pneumatic drive Craft sheet for printing

For guidance
Georg Eggers

Water Rocket

Compressed air / water powered rockets

For guidance
at Mjasmund

Matchstick rocket

Disposable rockets

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at Mjasmund

RC rocket glider

Blueprint and instructions

For guidance
for model rocket construction

Simple water rocket [PDF]

Construction Manual & Commissioning with rocket equation [pdf.]

For guidance
in physics for kids

Rockets [PDF]

Detailed construction manual for rockets

For guidance
at RCPanzer

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