Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself

Ideas for Rococo Costumes and Venetian Masks

Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself: yourself

This year, costumes are from the Rococo and Baroque era again popular. The nice thing about these costumes is that they look great when they are be worn in larger groups. That's why these 17th-century costumes are also ideal for a theme party.

Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you want to combine your costume with a light vampire look, with some red blood on your lips, or a rude man from the Rococo era (the hairstyle is not quite that perfect) ) or to present the classic and pompous image of the Baroque and Rococo eras.

Ideal to match the sumptuous dresses filigree half-masks, known from the Venetian carnival. An alternative is full masks, which have a particularly spooky and doll-like effect.

Disguise as in the 17th century

Making a Baroque or Rococo costume yourself is very time-consuming and time consuming. In addition, a skilled handling of the sewing machine is essential. There the costumes in the trade expensive are, is it worthwhile, of course, to make them yourself.

The dress needs many meters of fabric - usually taffeta or silk is used here. In order to remain true to style, but not to make the carnival costume too expensive, shiny synthetics can be used.

color The following tones are possible: pastel tones, rich reds and blues as well as gold embroidery. Accessories such as wigs, hoops or chopsticks are available from specialist retailers.

Rococo wig for carnival

The wig is quasi the epitome of the Rococo and Baroque eras. It is also known as Renaissance Wig. At no other time did the wig belong so much to the classic daytime image. Nowadays wigs are worn mainly for carnival.

Sure, then, that one can combine these two events wonderfully together! Classic is the white or black wig. But if you like it a bit more flashy, you can of course also choose a pink or blue wig.

Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself: yourself

The Bauta, the full face mask, covers the entire face.

Classic masks

In custom is the face mask and the Gesamtverhüllung especially at times of carnival omnipresent. Compared to the makeup mask of a clown, the Baroque mask is rigid.

Anyone who does not want to be directly recognized at the carnival celebration with friends, is well served with the baroque costumes, because it was here at special events eye masks for women and men on the agenda. Whether the mask will be dropped in the course of the evening is of course up to you.

Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself: rococo

Shiny fabrics harmonize with filigree half-masks.

Especially known are the masks of the Venetian carnivals, The half-masks cover only half of the face and are therefore particularly well suited for events where people talk, drink and eat.

Originally, this mask shape was Actors reservedwho were disguised with her but could speak more clearly on stage than with the so-called Bauta, the full mask. It makes the face look particularly doll-like and puts the eyes in the focus of attention.

Theme party in Rococo and Baroque style

Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself: costumes

Full masks look darker and more menacing.

As already mentioned, makes the current costume trend as unique as much fun and impression as in large masses.

So it does not matter if you meet up with a few friends for the street carnival or if you want to organize your own theme party under the motto "Rococo and Baroque".

Who works with attention to detail, can create an unforgettable evening: Colorful Venetian masks can be purchased online or on summer vacations and will take guests back to another era.

Do rococo and baroque costumes yourself: costumes

The costumes look especially nice in larger groups - as if you had traveled back in time.

If moreover suitable music by Johann Sebastian Bach is played and you try to dance like in the time, the illusion is perfect.

If the mood should tip over then, a change back to carnival music is very radical, but all the funnier. At late hours, the high-quality masks are then finally set aside and it is danced out until dawn.

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