Build rodent cages yourself

Building instructions for rodent cages, enclosures and toys

Build rodent cages yourself: German

In addition to dogs and cats, rodents are also very popular pets. However, one should not make the mistake and believe that the attitude of the small animals is less time consuming or costly.

Finally, even the small rodents need enough space for a proper welfare, sufficient employment and healthy food. Clear advantage is the one who can do parts of it yourself.

There is therefore a useful selection of building instructions forRodents cages, So you can, for example, build a spacious rat cage yourself or tinker great toys for mice, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Also exotics such as chinchillas, degu and ferrets come here not too short. Whether you are looking for a chinchilla cage building instruction or a construction manual for a Degukäfig, you will definitely find it here.

Table of contents about rodent cages

  • Build a rat - building instructions
  • Building instructions: cages, toys and accessories for hamsters and mice
  • Guinea pig plans - from cage to enclosure
  • Further rodent building instructions: Housing for degu, chinchilla, ferret

Further ideas for dwellings and toys are also available on the following topic pages:

  • Build rabbit hutch and rabbit hutch yourself
  • Stable build for small animals

Build a rat - building instructions

Construction manual for rat cage

Ivar shelving system as a base Large cage for climbing
at Altias Arche

Construction manual for an outlet shut-off

A mobile spout for wooden rats and tablecloth film. Detailed illustrated instructions with blueprint drawing and discussion.
at Ratteneck

Build rat cage out of cabinet

with many floors and stairs from cabinet "Robin" from IKEA
at MomoSprache: German

Build your own Grotto-style cage

Cabinet rebuilt as a cage with tubes, hammock, trap door...
at The Dapper Rat

A Custom Built Council Cage

Former bird aviary becomes a climbing landscape for color rats
at Fancy Pet Rat

Cage for self-made rats

Tips, hints and ideas for the self-construction of enclosures
at Ratnose

Cement Mixing Tray Cage

Cement mixing tray as a ground wire girder for walls and ceiling
at Rat Fanclub

Building instructions: cages, toys and accessories for hamsters and mice

Hamster cage in self-made

Construction manual for a hamster cage with video
at Speedy's hamster side

Hamsterbau construction manual

Hamster enclosure with corridors, living caves and pantries
at Hamsterparadies

Cage for hamsters or gerbils

with ramps and floors made of heavy-duty plug-in rack
for gerbils and hamsters

Cage for Persians

build from plywood yourself Many floors for climbing
for gerbils and hamsters

Build ramps and stairs

from one level to the next illustrated tutorial
for gerbils and hamsters

Sleeping room for rodents

with paper mache balloon: mostly a temporary construction
for gerbils and hamsters

Recipes for treats

Knabberstangen, Nagertaler biscuits, bread, yogurt
for gerbils and hamsters

Cuddly cave / hammock

crocheted from wool: For hamster crafts
for gerbils and hamsters

Residence for Persians [PDF]

Aquarium and home-made attachment Construction manual for printing
for gerbils and hamsters

Impeller for hamsters and mice

made of plywood build instructions with pictures
for gerbils and hamsters

Hamster house

A labyrinth for rodents with observation tower brings more variety in the cage life - construction manual
at WawerkoSprache: German

Cage for gerbils

Mauskäfig as a terrarium in Kollosseum style (from an old aquarium) rebuild for gerbils. Illustrated manual with construction sketch.
at gerbil - Gerbils

Guinea pig plans - from cage to enclosure

guinea pig Villa

Detailed construction report on the reconstruction of a large Meeri enclosure

Shelf cage for guinea pigs [PDF]

Detailed construction manual as PDF for a multi-storey guinea pig stall from a shelf

Cage on the shelf: Instructions [PDF]

Ivar shelving system as base 5 floors connected with ramps
at Brommsel

Guinea pig enclosure self-building

for 2 - 3 guinea pigs with a lot of spout: blueprint with instructions
with guinea pigs Info

Dream Castle for guinea pigs [PDF]

Build a large guinea pig enclosure in wood lock form - instructions for guinea pig owners with DIY knowledge
at Ein Herz für Tiere

"Dream Castle" [PDF]

Lock made of laminated wood panels Description and sketches
at heart for animals

Painted wood stable [PDF]

visually appealing enclosure for the living room
at heart for animals

Bridges and Ramps [PDF]

Building instructions for wooden bridges and ramps to connect levels and floors
at heart for animals

Guinea pig lightweight construction [PDF]

Material list, tools, and construction manual [pdf]
at heart for animals

Guinea pig discontinuation [PDF]

Outdoor enclosure for guinea pigs bird and cat safe [pdf]
at Struppi, Chips & Co

Around the Gehegebau [PDF]

Tips and detailed information on the self-construction of a Meeri enclosure - PDF in book form as a download
for cucumbers

Homes for guinea pigs

For 2 pigs: construction manual with material list and construction drawings
at The Wutzenarchitekt

Further rodent building instructions: Housing for degu, chinchilla, ferret

Build a small animal house yourself

Barn with outdoor enclosure for rodents with shelter and stairs
at: Do-it-yourself

guinea pig Villa

Detailed construction report on the reconstruction of a large Meeri enclosure

Shelf cage for guinea pigs [PDF]

Detailed construction manual as PDF for a multi-storey guinea pig stall from a shelf

Cage assembly instructions for degus [PDF]

Size 150 x 50 x 100 cm with storage space [pdf]
at Degus online

Degukäfig from Ikea-Sten-Regal

3 floors connected with ramps Construction manual to make yourself
at Degus online

Cage for Degus from aviary

made of coated chipboard and spruce strips
at Degus online

Enclosure and cage for ferrets

large cage as own area several floors and ramps
in ferret

Large outdoor enclosure for ferrets

with protection against running away and several floors and ramps
with Tina and her robber tongue: German

Degukäfig building instructions

metal shelf for cellar Instructions for floor pan
at Infocenter Halberstadt

DIY Ferret Wheelchair

Wheelchair for paralyzed ferret illustrated construction manual
at Instructuables

Ferret in caged pose

Cage with PVC designed ideas for sleeping places
with small monster

Cage construction - instructions and examples

different versions different sizes
in rodents online

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