Roller blind belt change - the cost

Each roller shutter belt comes to the point where it can no longer be used. Then a new belt must be installed. But this raises the same question, which costs associated with changing the blind belt. Afterwards, you will find clues in order to better assess the costs to change roller shutter belt.

Reasons to exchange the roller shutter belts

The roller shutter belt is one of the components that are heavily loaded in relation to their strength. This results in various reasons to renew the roller shutter belt:

  • Strap torn
  • Roller shutter belt frayed
  • Belt heavily soiled
  • The color of the belt should be changed

Now, however, quickly raises the question of what the replacement of a roller shutter belt costs. Relative to a roller shutter box, the costs still seem relatively low. However, many home and apartment owners consider using this opportunity to renew all blinds.

Replace all or just the broken strap?

But you should make two important distinctions: if you want to change the straps yourself, it is more efficient to exchange them only if they are actually torn. Renew on suspicion is not worthwhile. Because despite fraying a roller shutter belt can still hold for a long time. You would also ensure that the next roller shutter belt must be replaced all the faster.

You do not always have to replace it right away

If a soiled belt is the reason why you want to replace them, you can alternatively clean the roller shutter belts. On the other hand, if you want a new color, there is no efficient way to efficiently paint a roller shutter belt. Then, in fact, all straps have to be replaced, and then renewing in one go, of course, is the fastest.

The cost of the roller blind straps, if you exchange yourself

The straps themselves can not be fixed price, but are not so expensive. Conventional standard straps range between a few euros and should never be more expensive than 20 euros. The situation is different with special roller shutter belts, for example extra-firm or colored belts. These can be significantly higher priced. Looking at the Internet is definitely worthwhile here compared to retail and DIY.

Costs when the roller shutter belts are renewed by a company

On the other hand, if you want to have the roller shutter belts renewed by a specialist garage, it is worthwhile to renew all the belts in any case. Because the journey costs are now due only once. You may also find attractive discounts for replacing all roller shutter belts. Of course, we can give no information on the specific costs, but at the required time.

Calculate the costs for lump sum or after working hours

From this the agreed flat rate or the hourly rate can be derived or the total cost price for the work can be determined. Each roller shutter belt should be between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, provided access to the roller shutter box is not an issue. Now add your windows, multiply that by the hourly rate and you know the total cost. Or you divide the windows by the total price. Then you also know what you will cost these 15 to 30 minutes each.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to repair a blind yourself, you will find many other instructions and advice on this topic in addition to this article.

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