Easily apply roller plaster for outdoor use

Rolling plaster is not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. The advantage is - as well as in the interior - in that you can trust in any case even as a layman, and thus saves craftsman costs. For a suitable armor but should be taken care of as professionally as possible to ensure work safety.

External plaster as roller plaster - roll up and ready

Exterior walls are treated with roller coats no other than interior walls, if necessary, a little water can be added for ease of processing. Exterior plasters based on synthetic resin are particularly suitable - they make up the majority of the products in DIY stores when it comes to ready-made plasters that can be rolled. Priced, they are more expensive than conventional plaster, which you have to touch yourself, however, the processing of such plasters requires a bit of skill and craftsmanship to achieve a clean result. In many cases, the Rollputz pays off in the outdoor area so anyway because instead of a craftsman to order order can lend a hand.

Structure and tinting color

Roll-on plaster can be tinted in almost any color with tinting powder in powder form, which is simply stirred into the container until it is completely dissolved. Although there are occasionally already colored outdoor plasters, tinting powder usually makes no difficulties in processing and is much cheaper. The structure can be chosen between fine-grained and coarse-grained differently, but it should be remembered that finished coarse-grained plasters are only about half as rich as those with fine graining - usually at roughly the same price. The fertility itself depends on the particular product, and can often vary from product to product.

Exterior plaster based on latex

It is the best alternative for rolling plaster, is vapor permeable but at the same time weatherproof and usually creates a layer about ten times thicker than paint. As with all other exterior plasters, you should of course be able to exclude frost, rain and storm to the drying of the turkey.

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