Use roller plaster on the ceiling

Of course, indoor roller coasters can not only be used for walls but also for ceilings. He is there just as well processable, and without much difficulty by untrained home improvement from the finished container out to process.

Proper preparation is important

Every roller has the ability to spray in all possible directions, even with the most accomplished job. The masking and covering of the floor with painter's crepe is therefore very important here, if you do not want to damage the floor. Also window frames and window surfaces, window sills, doors and strips should be covered with suitable foil. The masking often takes a lot of time, but is indispensable. In order to apply the rolling plaster to the ceiling, an extension handle should always be available so that you can work from the ground instead of having to use a ladder. For those who do not have much practice in this, working from the ladder is very tiring after just a short time, and very time consuming overall.

Electric rollers for more efficient work

Some manufacturers also offer electric paint roller with a special roller for ready-made plaster, the rolling plaster is automatically sucked from the container and delivered in metered amount to the roller. So far, these devices have not been very widespread, but especially where many large surfaces are to be painted, they can provide a substantial workload, because the immersion and stripping of the paint is eliminated. In addition, the plaster application is very uniform, which also leads to a much better appearance with decorative plaster - moreover, the work is also much faster. Especially with larger work on the ceilings and the walls of a house, the purchase of such a device can often pay off - time, and by the particularly uniform order and material, can be saved here, the work is also much drip-free and cleaner in front of him and brings a better visual result.

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