Rollo mounting - how does it work?

The installation of roller shutters, window blinds and pleated blinds works in different ways. In many cases, however, it can be done by yourself. The following article explains how it works, what you need and what you need to be aware of.

Different roller blind types

  • Blinds (often referred to as blinds)
  • window blinds
  • Pleated blinds

Blinds (often referred to as blinds)

Not all models can be installed by yourself, for the installation of a shutter moreover at least a basic expertise is required. In the trade, there are two fundamentally different types of shutters.

tower shutters

An attachment roller shutter is located directly above the window in the masonry. The mounting here means that first the window must be removed. Thereafter, the lintel must be pinched accordingly to accommodate the roller shutter box. For retrofitting Aufsatzrolladen are therefore only very limited. Even with new buildings, the installation is usually impossible to accomplish.

intent shutters

In contrast, the front roller shutter is mounted directly in the soffit of the window, usually on the outside. That can also be done by yourself. The only problem here are the Gurtdurchführung that must be broken.

Problems can also arise with the thermal insulation. During installation, it should be ensured that no thermal bridges are created by attaching the shutter. The assessment and the advice of a specialist are often helpful.

window blinds

Window blinds made of fabric or fabric are mounted in most cases on the inner, upper window reveal. The assembly is easy. It only need the roller blinds are screwed at the correct distance.

After that, the roller blind is hung and ready for use via the cable pull. Some forms of Roman blinds, which extend over the entire window, are hung only on two hooks screwed.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are usually attached to the sash itself. Depending on the model not only the bracket must be attached, but in addition also a side guide.

During installation, it should be noted that holes in the window frame can only be closed again with great effort. An attachment without drilling is therefore preferable.

In the case of an extract, the tenant must return the windows to their original state or pay for a window exchange. For boreholes in the window frame that is therefore often problematic.

Tips & Tricks

Holes can also be repaired with repair kits for plastic windows. A widely used system is fenoplast.

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