Extend a roller blind belt

Roller shutter belts are subjected to massive mechanical stress, which is why they only become dirty in the visible area or have mechanical damage. Actually, extending the roller shutter belt would be enough. But the manufacturers always describe only the renewal of the entire belt. Here we show you how to extend an existing roller shutter belt.

Typical damage to the roller shutter belt

Roller shutter belts are subjected to massive mechanical stress. In addition, there is also the temperature load, after all, it is warmer inside the room than in the roller shutter box. There are also other disturbing points that are completely normal over the years:

  • Roller blind pulls
  • Roller blind belt is frayed
  • Roller shutter belt is heavily soiled

Cleaning with only dirty belts

For dirt up to a certain degree, you can clean roller shutter belts. Incidentally, you should rub such a belt after cleaning with wax or something similar, so it stays supple longer. Even so, you extend the life of the belt. But if the belt is too dirty, cleaning does not help anymore.

Renew without removing the complete old belt

Then the roller shutter belt must be renewed. In rare cases, the strap tears in the roller shutter box. Either just behind the actual attachment or directly to the attachment. In these cases, you must open the roller shutter box to repair the roller shutter.

Lengthening the belt often quite sufficient

Most of the time, however, the belt breaks or frayed in the visible area. Then you can connect the still existing, now too short belt piece with the new belt, without the roller shutter box would have to be opened.

How to extend your existing roller shutter belt

To do this, first remove the stoppers fastened to the exterior of the roller shutter. Now, thread a sturdy but thin rope that should be approximately the same height as the window. Keep the rope taut and pull the tank up over the belt. Now pull the roller shutter but still further into the box.

The rope should wrap around the tank two or three times, then you have wound up the tank far enough. So now the part of the belt is visible, which always remains hidden inside the roller shutter box.

Prepare new and old belt

About two to three centimeters after the belt feed through the wall, use a craft knife to cut a transverse slot (1 to 1.5 cm) into the belt. Two to three inches below cut off the old belt.

Thread new belt and connect

Now slit one end of the new belt as well. With the other end you thread now from bottom to top in the old belt. Pull the strap almost completely. Now pull the new strap through the slot in the new strap. Now tighten the resulting node.

Shorten belt to required length and mount in belt winder

Then you can use the rope to pull the roller shutter back into the side guide. The belt is now wound up again on the roll. Now you have to take out the belt winder, shorten the new belt and replace it in the winder. Follow the same procedure as for repairing the roller shutter belt winder.

Tips & Tricks

The length of roller shutter belt you calculate easily. For windows multiply the window height by 2.5, with balcony doors you add one meter to the door height. Follow our link and find out in detail why the length is calculated this way.

Video Board: How to exchange strap of a roller shutter without opening head box