Renew a roller shutter belt

Roller blind straps are exposed to permanent loading. Thus, a relatively high wear of these components is not sufficient and the renewal of the roller shutter belts is one of a typical and recurring home improvement activity. That's why we've put together a detailed guide to help you renew a roller shutter belt even more efficiently.

Damage to the roller shutter belt is inevitable

In particular, the guide openings of the roller shutter belts make the material again and again to create. Not always a roller shutter belt is served absolutely straight, but the lateral edges then grind along virtually the openings of the guide slots along. In the long run, this leads to an unsightly fraying of the roller blind belts.

The different shutter systems

Depending on the design, the straps are exposed to significant temperature fluctuations. As a result, a roller shutter belt tears again and again. Then the renewal of the roller shutter belt is on. First of all, you have to distinguish between blinds according to the two common systems.

  • Attachment or body rollers
  • Stem or front roller shutter

Procedure when renewing the roller shutter belt

The roller shutter box in the lintel is located in the body lintel and can be opened from the inside of the room (you can find instructions for opening a roller shutter box here). This is opposite the header shutters. As the name implies, the roller shutter box is mounted on the outside of the facade or on the window frame.

Differences between the two systems

If you want to replace the roller shutter belt, you must remove it at two points.

  • at the bottom of the belt retractor
  • at the top of the roller shutter roller in the roller shutter box

The only difference between the two systems is that you have to carry out the work in the roller shutter box from the inside (overhead roller shutters) or from the outside (front roller blinds). Otherwise, the workload is almost identical.

Step-by-step guide to renewing roller shutter belt

  • new roller shutter belt
  • different screwdrivers
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • side cutter
  • Stanley knife
  • Flashlight or work light
  • foremen

1. Remove the old roller shutter belt

First you should open the roller shutter box. Especially with internal boxes can already be tricky, because the lid are often over-wallpapered, painted or even filled. Now you should completely let down the blinds.

2. Opening the belt retractor

Now loosen the fastening screws of the belt retractor. This is the small plastic lid at the bottom of the strap at the side of the window. When removing, however, make sure that the belt is always under tension. The reel has a powerful spring that automatically turns the reel in the rewinding direction.

a) The role must not relax!

After you have removed the connecting pin, you must hold the reel so in his hand so that it does not roll up and thus fully relax the spring. So you should set up the new belt equal to use it immediately.

b) fixing the roll-up

It may be necessary to prick a small slot in the belt to make the connection pin. You will also see a brake system on the reel. Most manufacturers use a metal tab that you can bend in the direction of the belt. So you can fix the role without the reel would relax by turning it alone.

3. Loosen the strap on the roller shutter shaft

In the meantime (the belt is still attached to the top of the shaft) pull up the roller shutter again. Use a wooden wedge between the shaft and roller shutter box or a keyed screwdriver to prevent the roller shutter from rolling when you release the strap.

a) Measure the new belt

He is similarly attached to the upper shaft. So also solve the connection here and attach the new strap. To do this you first have to put the belt on the old belt to determine the correct measurement. Then cut the new roller shutter belt accordingly.

4. Further work after renewing the roller shutter belt

If you have not already done so, you can now roll up the webbing on the reel. Loosen the brake and still hold the belt firmly. Otherwise, it rolls up uncontrollably and possibly not properly or even slips off altogether.

Now replace the belt retractor and screw it tight. Now you can also solve the wedging of the roller shutter shaft. If necessary, you must now wallpaper the roller shutter box or otherwise blind it.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, you should do this work in pairs, so that always one can hold the shaft or the retractor. If you have no way to fix the belt retractor so that it slows down, you can also relax it. According to the position (shutter completely open or closed) you must then count the turns until the roller is fully relaxed. Later, when replacing the roller shutter, you will need to "rewind" the roller before attaching the strap.

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