Repair a roller shutter belt

Most roller shutter systems are equipped with a belt for winding. This breaks down over time, in the worst case, it can also tear. Then the roller shutter belt must be repaired. We do not recommend the "patching". Instead, you should make a solid repair and renew the roller shutter. In the shop you will receive the repair kit, instructions here with us.

Determine the length of the new roller shutter belt

First of all, you have to get a new roller shutter tape. It is best to measure the old band. As a rule of thumb, however, the tape should have at least 2.5 times the length of the window height. To measure the length accurately, you must remove the strap. You must differentiate between the different shutter systems:

  • tower shutters
  • Attachment shutters, outside
  • Attachment shutters or blinds inside

Opening the roller shutter box

The roller shutter box is integrated into the masonry of the top-mounted roller shutters. The access panel is inside and has to be opened. In the case of the outside shutters the maintenance cover can of course be reached from the outside.

Most indoor blinds or roller blinds do not actually have a roller blind box. Therefore, the roller shutter cladding has been carried out mostly on their own. So you have to see how the access panel was taken into account.

Instructions for removing and repairing the old tape

Now the shutter should be completely drained. Now the reel is taken out of the niche or unscrewed as a top box. Maybe the reel has a mechanical brake for fixing. Here you must query the information of the manufacturer.

You can now release the roller shutter belt on the shaft at the top of the roller shutter box. Either this is hung (usually with metal shafts) or screwed tight (wood shafts) or even clamped. Now that you can determine the exact length, the appropriate roller shutter belt can be selected from specialist retailers.

Preparing the new webbing

If you have purchased a band with a lump sum, you have to cut it first. Otherwise, you can start fixing immediately. Attach the roller shutter as well as the old belt was attached.

Clamping the retractor

If, for example, the retractor is relaxed with a torn strap, you must first tension it. For this they have to "wind up" the roll without a belt. Then the new roller shutter belt is threaded through the brake flap and fastened as the old belt.

Now the reel can be put back into the wall niche or screwed to the wall. Do not forget to release the brake before dressing, if available and operated. You also need to make sure that the reel does not unroll completely.

Check the function with the new roller shutter

Now test the roller shutter in its functioning. If everything fits, you can also reassemble the roller shutter box and your repair is completed successfully.

Tips & Tricks

If you need to open the roller shutter box anyway, you may be able to combine it with other work. Attached shutters are considered a real weak point in the facade and window insulation. If the box is already open, you can take the opportunity to fill in an appropriate insulation made of polystyrene or foam.

Video Board: How to repair a roller shutter - Replacing the cord of roller shutters window / strap / belt