Clean roller shutter belts

Manually operated blinds are often equipped with a belt. This is always touched when opening and closing the shutter with your hands and thus gets rid of all the dirt. After years, it is then recommended to clean the roller shutter belts. We will then show you how to clean your roller blind belts, but also how to combine this with care measures.

The operation of a shutter

Blinds are practical and a useful comfort equipment for windows. The operation of the blinds takes place differently:

  • electrically via push button (activators) and remote controls
  • manually via cranks
  • manually via straps

The straps should be cleaned regularly

In particular, the straps are always exposed to the dirt that we carry on our hands. Over time, the belts then discolored and become unappetizing and unsightly. Now only the cleaning of the straps helps. For this you can fall back on different products and home remedies:

  • Vinegar, acetic acid or vinegar essence
  • Baking soda (baking soda)
  • Carpet foam or carpet cleaner
  • various all-purpose cleaners
  • dish soap

The procedure for cleaning is always the same. Only with baking soda do you have to make some preparations. To do this, mix the baking soda with water to make a tough but not too stiff pulp.

Cleaning the roller shutter belts

The following steps are no longer great. You definitely need rubber gloves to prevent irritation of the skin. In addition, a brush with hard bristles.

Now the respective cleaner is applied in stages. Let the cleaning agent used act appropriately. Then it is scrubbed with the brush and scrubbed. With a sponge and clear water now dirt particles and cleaner residues are rinsed off. How to proceed piece by piece until the whole roller shutter belt is cleaned.

Caring for cleaning with perform

The roller blind belts also have another characteristic: they become brittle and porous over time. You can significantly extend the life of a belt with the proper care and thus significantly delay the repair of the roller blind belt.

You can use wax for this. Either take a candle or other wax available. But also deer tallow etc. are suitable. Thus, the belt is then massively rubbed and incorporated the wax or tallow. This keeps the roller shutter belt supple for a long time and reduces the risk of a tear.

Tips & Tricks

Dyeing the roller shutter belt is not recommended. Although there are products that could also be applied to roller shutter belts, it can not be ruled out that the belts in turn rub off on their hands when pressed. Instead, you should prefer to renew the roller shutter belt and select an appropriate color. Because these belts have long been offered in many colors.

Video Board: How to repair a roller shutter - Replacing the cord of roller shutters window / strap / belt