Plaster a roller shutter box

If an add-on roller shutter is installed or replaced, it usually has to be plastered from both sides (inside and outside). In the following guide, we explain how to proceed with the plastering of the roller shutter box. In particular, you must take into account the different materials that make up the roller shutter box.

Attachment and tower shutters

There are two different shutter systems that are used. The front roller shutter is mounted on the outside of the facade above the window. On the other hand, the top-mounted roller shutter has a box which is mounted above the window in the masonry. Therefore, the fall is higher up. The roller shutter box must also be plastered on the inner wall and the facade.

The different materials in the tower roller shutter box

However, you must first consider the material that makes up the roller shutter box. The following materials are most commonly found:

  • metal
  • Wood
  • plastic
  • brick

Plaster blind roller shutter box

Brick roller boxes are modern roller shutter boxes that have not been on the market for so long. They are particularly suitable for modern buildings, where the roller shutter box must be used absolutely airtight. Plastering is no problem at all. You can do this as you would plaster out any brick wall.

Cleaning up with other materials such as wood, metal, plastic

For the other materials you need to make preparations. If there is any additional insulation made of polystyrene, proceed as with wood. It must be applied a suitable primer. For metal or plastic, a non-slip support (plate) should be mounted from appropriate material. Inside, for example, this could be plasterboard. Here we show you how to plaster plasterboard.

The reinforcement for the plaster

In addition, you must not forget the reinforcing mesh. To install the reinforcement only on the roller shutter box is not sufficient. The reinforcement must be clearly above the roller shutter box on the other masonry. Otherwise, all plastering does not help and the plaster will tear or fall off. It is also important that depending on the roller shutter box, the appropriate plaster angle or rails are available.

Installation requirements before plastering

When further plastering, you can then proceed as you would plaster on the window anyway. Please also consider the airtight installation. This also requires the correct installation of the windows.

Tips & Tricks

Until a few years ago (there are still craftsmen who assemble windows and doors!), Windows with mounting foam were installed. The windows were deliberately not air or gas tight. That has long since changed. Therefore, before plastering the new roller shutter boxes, make sure that the windows are also installed according to the current RAL guideline for window and door installation.

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