Clean shutters

Cleaning a shutter can be an extraordinary use. While the shutters on the ground floor are usually easy to clean, it looks very different with higher-lying specimens. And it is not only the accessibility that is decisive.

Balance risk and result

In general, before cleaning, a cost-benefit analysis is more important than almost any other cleaning activity in and around the house. Blinds on the upper floors are hard to reach and any hanging out technique is dangerous. Added to this is the aggravating claim that the house facade is not contaminated by run-down waste water.

It should also be borne in mind that roller blinds typically become relatively uniform and evenly washed off by rain. If insufficient cleaning is required because accessibility does not allow thorough and, above all, even cleaning, the visual effect may be the opposite of the target. Streaks and irregular stains can highlight the staining and, in the worst case, after a downpour, also pollute the facade plaster.

Clean shutters with good accessibility

  • Neutral or plastic cleaner
  • microfiber cloth
  • Several soft absorbent cotton rag
  • Old towels
  • blinds brush
  • Maybe soft eraser
  • Possibly steam cleaner

1. Drain shutters

To clean a roller shutter from the outside, you need to lower it to just above the windowsill or floor. Important are the free spaces between the slats, which can be reached by free hanging.

2. Collect dirty water

To catch any draining waste water before it leaves its mark on facade parts, exterior plaster or other parts of the house, place old towels or other absorbent textiles underneath the roller shutters.

3. Individual cleaning of the slats

Start by cleaning the topmost accessible slat in a horizontal direction. Using a wet microfibre cloth, wipe the top edge of the blade, and then wipe the surface from top to bottom. Immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

4. Steam cleaners

If your roller shutter is made of sturdy and solid foamed plastic or strong aluminum hollow bodies, you can replace the wiping with the wet microfibre cloth by "evaporating" with the steam cleaner.

Tips & Tricks

Individual stains on a light blind can be removed with a soft colorless or white eraser.

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