Complain a blind

Maybe one or the other blind owner of manual roller shutters knows it: when the roller shutter is lowered, it is stuck. Only by shaking the belt does the tank suddenly "fall" and open. In an electric roller shutter that is particularly problematic. There is a remedy for that by complaining about the shutters.

Causes if the shutter is stuck when lowered

Anyone who has several manually operated blinds knows it only too well: one or more shutters can not be closed immediately if the belt is loosened. Only by a tugging on the belt then it suddenly falls. This can also be seasonal. If the roller shutter jams, but this can also be due to a shifted lamella or basically jammed fins.

These are the typical causes

To move the slats on the roller shutter, you will find more help here. The fact that the shutter can not be opened easily can therefore have several causes:

  • one or more slats are shifted
  • the shutter is not being raised
  • the shutter is too light

Often overlooked: the roller shutter is not heavy enough

The last possibility can also be considered. Many blinds have a weighting in the last final lamella. This weighting is built into the slat. First, you need to check your shutters so that there is such a metal weight.

Complain the blinds

Often the weighting is not available. If you want to complain the roller shutter now, you must first check whether the final lamella is suitable for weighting. This is quickly done: you just have to check if this slat is hollow. Then the weighting can be inserted.

Complete weighting slab or just weighting iron

If the last lamella is not hollow or can not be opened, you will have to buy a lamella finisher with weighting as an alternative. If you only need the flat iron for weighting, you can purchase it from a specialist dealer or, if necessary, obtain it elsewhere. It is important that this weighting iron is about 5 to 10 cm shorter than the lamella.

The insertion of the shutter loader

Now the iron is used. Similar to a stopper, apply some tape to the ends to prevent the iron from slipping. If you need to buy a new end fin, you should first remove the old one as a sample so that the seller can see how the individual lamellas are connected. You also have to measure the length anyway.

In any case, you must partially remove the tank

In both cases, you can not get around to expand the roller shutter. You can use the instructions that we provide to replace the roller shutter.

Tips & Tricks

If the roller shutters can not be complained this way, you have another option: most blinds are also equipped with stoppers. These can also be purchased in a particularly heavy version. If the roller shutter only jams at the top, because it may be pulled in a bit too far, the general attachment of stoppers can already help.

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