Blinds broken? These costs await you for the repair

Is the strap of your blind broken? This is the most common defect in roller shutters, which is often easy to repair. It looks a bit different when repairing electronic defects - or when the strap needs to be completely replaced.

What does the roller shutter repair cost?

A torn webbing can be easily repaired with a repair kit by hand, you only need to invest about 10 euros for the material. The old webbing is simply patched with rivets or repair strips, done!

However, the cost-effective quick repair works only if the torn webbing is not completely ailing. Otherwise, you will probably have to open the roller shutter box to replace the webbing.

This work can also be carried out with the help of good instructions without expert help. A craftsman will be sure to pay for the travel costs, plus at least half an hour's working time.

With this variant you would be at least 50 euros repair costs, plus about 10 euros for the new webbing. You may need to have beauty repairs on the roller shutter box afterwards.

To repair the electrical system, you must order an electrician. Since various defects may be present, the cost of repairing broken electric blinds vary greatly. They are estimated to be between 40 and 120 euros.

Repair costs on the practical example

The strap on the bedroom blind is torn! The material is about 40 years old and was patched the year before. The apartment owner has a new webbing installed by a specialist.

Cost overviewprice
1. New webbing10 EUR
2. Directions20 EUR
3. Repair30 EUR
total60 EUR

Watch instruction video - repair shutters yourself!

The cost of replacing the webbing is very low if you lend a hand. If you do not have written instructions, then look for a good instructional video. Just give it a try, it's not that hard!

Tips & Tricks

Before you open the roller shutter box, you should scrape any existing wallpaper around with the cutter. So your surgery leaves the fewest traces!

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