Install shutters with the correct instructions

To install a roller shutter in an existing door or window niche, a roller shutter is the right choice. However, this door or window must be removed before and space for the roller shutter box are created. Easier is the installation of a Vorsatzrolladens.

Operation and processing values

An essay roller shutter is often chosen because of its optical inconspicuousness. The guide rails are located directly on the frame of the door or window. However, prior to installation, the lintel must be squeezed out of the window or door to make room for the roller shutter box. If this is not possible because of the structural design or the effort, the window or door area is reduced accordingly.

The attachment roller shutter is placed next to its name in front of the door or the window. The most ready to assemble kit is usually bolted to the outside wall next to the frame. The roller shutter box is facing outwards. Advantage of this design is the unnecessary additional insulation or sealing, since no cavities, leaks or cold spots arise.

Install front roller shutter yourself

  • Reinforcement of wood wool
  • lightweight panels
  • Armierungskleber
  • finished plaster
  • Intent shutters kit
  • drilling machine
  • masonry drill
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Exterior wall plugs
  • Stainless screws (if not included in the kit)
  • spirit level
  • plumb
  • Maybe hacksaw
  • Eventually ladder or scaffolding
  • helper

1. Measure the width

Measure the outside dimension of the door or window frame. It corresponds to the minimum width of the shutter. For this you have to add up the width of the guide rails of usually eleven centimeters.

2. Measure the height

When mounting on the frame results search the shutter height of the frame height minus the roller shutter box height. When attaching shutters to masonry, you must add the height of the box to it.

3. Drill mounting holes

Measure the position of the two upper corner holes in accordance with the manufacturer's specification of the kit. Use the spirit level for the same hole height. Use the plumb line to precisely drill the side holes for the guide rails.

4. Install shutters

Put your assistant on the masonry and assemble the blinds from top to bottom.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to optically match the metal rails to the plastered masonry, stick customized slabs of whitewashed wood wool to the outside of the rails. On it then holds the exterior finish plaster.

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