Retrofit a roller shutter electrically

Anyone who has enjoyed the benefits of an apartment or a house with blinds would not want to do without this comfort. On the contrary - often you want even more comfort, for example in the form of an electric shutter. Below you will find instructions on how to retrofit an electric roller shutter.

Requirements for the electrical retrofitting of a shutter

Whether the retrofitting of the electrical system works with your roller shutters depends on the circumstances. For this purpose, in particular the roller shutter box must meet a minimum. For this it is important that you know the structure of the individual components in the roller shutter box. From left to right or from right to left.

  • Mounting bracket (between box and tubular motor)
  • possibly an adapter ring (so that the drive optimally fits the 8-corner shaft)
  • 8-corner roller blind shaft
  • roller cap
  • Counter bearing (between roller capsule and box)

Required dimensions

Now you need the clear dimension of the roller shutter box. You have to subtract different dimensions from this.

  • Length of the bearing or bearing block, motor side
  • Length of the tube motor standing out of the shaft
  • Length of roller shutter shaft
  • Supernatant from the shaft of the roller capsule (this must reach at least two-thirds into the shaft)
  • Body length counter bearing (between roller capsule and box wall)

Retrofitting possible or not

Only if these deductions do not mean a negative value (a minus sign before the calculation result), the length of the roller shutter box is sufficient.

Further to consider

Around 80 percent of all roller shutter shafts used today are square-edged. If you still have another model, you may need to retrofit an appropriate roller shutter shaft in addition to the motor.

If you can use the old roller shutter shaft, you must check whether the inner diameter matches the outer diameter of the motor driver. If not, the specialized trade offers appropriate adapter discs.

Now you can start with the retrofitting of the electrical system of the shutter.

Retrofit step-by-step instructions for the roller shutter electrically

  • tubular motor
  • possibly adapter ring for driver
  • possibly new roller shutter shaft
  • possibly locking rails
  • possibly new hanging straps (metal)
  • Electrical material for the power supply
  • possibly electrical material for the control (various systems)
  • drilling machine
  • masonry drill
  • metal drill
  • different screwdrivers
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • side cutter
  • Power tool (wire stripper, etc.)
  • Maurer pencil
  • spirit level
  • possibly guideline
  • strong flashlight or agile work light
  • foremen

1. Preliminary work

Before you start with the installation of the motor and the roller shutter shaft, you must of course make all wall slots and holes for the electrical system.

2. Attach the outside bearings

Mount the bearings in the roller shutter box so that the hanging roller shutter would practically fall by itself into the guide rails.

3. Prepare the roller shutter shaft

Remove the belt pulley. Now you can push the tubular motor into the roller shutter shaft. On the opposite side, push the roller capsule into the shaft. If the capsule is very difficult to insert, you can file the plastic of the capsule a bit. But you can also apply assembly paste as a lubricant.

4. Insert the roller shutter shaft

Now you can insert the roller shutter shaft in the bearing blocks or push on the opposite side of the motor, the roller capsule with the (preferably) ball bearing on the camp. On the engine side, the shaft on the engine with the bearing is secured by a locking pin or a split pin.

5. Attach the hanging straps

When attaching, make sure that you do not attach the curtain directly to the motor with screws.

6. Electrical installation

Now the electrical installation can be made. Please note that this installation must be carried out by qualified personnel.

7. Adjusting the roller shutter motor

Now you can start adjusting the tube motor. Under "Adjust roller shutter drive" you will receive adjustment aids for all engine variants (electric and electronic roller shutter motors, electric belt winder).

8. Final works

Now you can remove the strap and the belt winder. You may have to veneer, paper or paint the case of the belt winder.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to control several shutter motors via a control unit, you must observe the different terminal assignment. In addition, the manufacturer informs you whether you need relays or it is a relay-free circuit. Of course, we also offer you in the house journal a detailed guide to install shutters.

Video Board: Shutter motor Installation - using FAAC T-Mode Motors - Retrofit manual shutter with tubular motor