Calculate shutter motor correctly

To calculate the proper performance of a roller shutter motor, the weight of the shutter is the most important factor. There are also the diameter of the take-up shaft and a friction resistance tolerance. In conventional belt winding motors loses power on the leverage, which acts directly on tubular motors.

Gurtwickel- or tubular motor

Conventional Gurtwickel engines mimic the force exerted by the hand by hand. Normally, the roller shutter motors are attached to the belt winding unit in the wall of the shutter sideways. A big advantage is the easy installation and installation without opening the roller shutter box. In addition, a power supply is usually easier to accomplish than in the roller shutter box.

A tubular motor is mounted directly in the shaft of the shutter and operates the wave winding directly. As a result, tubular motors have a significantly lower torque and can pull higher weights with lower power. However, it requires some preconditions to install a tubular motor. The drive is controlled by an octagonal shaft. For some round waves there are adapters. Alternatively, the round shaft can be replaced with revisable roller shutter boxes and shafts against an octagonal one.

Calculate the roller shutter motor correctly

  • calculator
  • pen
  • writing sheet

1. Determine the area

First measure the length and width of your blind in a lowered position. The surface of this called roller shutter armor part you have to strike the surface of the invisible last winding piece between side guide start and winding shaft in the roller shutter box.

2. Determine the weight of the tank

Now you have to multiply the area by the material weight. As a guideline, five kilograms per square meter are expected for plastic roller shutters, six kilograms for aluminum and ten kilograms per square meter for wooden shutters.

3rd diameter winding shaft

Almost all winding shafts have the diameter of forty millimeters, some shutters have the diameter of sixty millimeters. The diameter is readable by the single lamella height. For lamellas up to forty millimeters in height, the shaft has the small diameter, at higher lamellae a large shaft is mounted.

4. Friction resistance tolerance

Look at the result of the weight ten percent tolerance for the friction and with large winding shafts another five percent torque addition Gurtwickel engines.

Tips & Tricks

Roller shutter motors are offered with the specification of the tensile force in kilograms. Never choose a "submotorization".

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