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Repair shutters - instructions

Repair blinds yourself: blinds

The roller shutter can not be completely closed or opened? It hooks and it becomes clear that something is wrong? If you take care of it directly, it may be easier to repair the roller shutters than a few weeks or months later, for example if a slat is completely broken.

You may need replacement parts for the roller shutter repair. That depends mainly on the nature of the defect. Some things are quite obvious, like a broken lamella. No problem: Replacement blades and other spare parts are easily available in stores.

If your roller shutter is an externally mounted roller shutter, it may be better to have the roller shutter repaired and to accept the costs than to balance on the fourth floor on the windowsill. Partly a repair of this kind blinds is only possible from the outside.

Contents: Repair shutters

  • Required tools and tools
  • Possible causes of a defect
  • Open roller shutter box - find fault
  • Be careful when an inhabited insect nest becomes visible
  • Source of common spare parts for roller shutter repair
  • Replace defective blades
  • Step 1: Remove defective blades
  • Step 2: Insert new lamella
  • Step 3: Wait for the warehouse and complete the repair
  • Repair blinds without opening the box?
  • For roller shutters, change the belt winder
  • Step 1: Remove old belt winder
  • Step 2: Apply belt to the new winder
  • Use the opportunity of the roller shutter repair and retrofit sensibly

Required tools and tools


  • Sure-footed ladder
  • flashlight
  • screwdriver
  • grease
  • cloth
  • vacuum cleaner

Possible causes of a defect

If the shutter no longer or no longer works properly, this can have different causes. Typical reasons are

  • Slats have shifted
  • Slats are defective or even broken off completely
  • Shutters torn off the shaft
  • Nest or similar in the roller shutter box
  • Roller shutter is unhooked / fixing defective
  • Bearing dirty and stiff
  • Belt jumped from the roll
  • Gurtwickler is defective, the belt is not retracted
  • Roller shutter belt is torn
  • How to change a roller shutter belt is described in the manual: Changing roller shutter belt

Open roller shutter box - find fault

The roller shutter box is in most cases unscrew. Some of the older models have a kind of latch. The flap is usually removable at all. Often there is still an insulation, which can also be taken out. The interior of the shutter box box should then be well manageable in front of you.

If only the belt has jumped off or if individual lamellae have been moved, this can be remedied with a few simple steps. It is just as easy to repair your roller shutters if they are only hung up.

You should use this opportunity right away to extract dust and cobwebs.

Be careful when an inhabited insect nest becomes visible

Repair blinds yourself: roller

An empty hornet test may be removed in winter.

Hornets are basically peace-loving and no more poisonous than wasps, but they are protected and can not be relocated, disturbed or even fought (in case of infringement there are fines up to 50,000 euros).

Inform the nature conservation authority and ask how you can proceed. In wasp nests, a local beekeeper or pest controller can help you.

Alternatively, you can also put the problem out: wasps and hornets use their nest for only one season. The abandoned nests can (and may) be removed after the first frost. Thoroughly clean the area, close any cracks and gaps that can be used as entry holes (including brush seals), drizzle clove oil into the box and offer a better nesting site (hornet box) in a secluded corner of the garden, then settle the stinging ones Insects next year prefer there.

Source of common spare parts for roller shutter repair

Repair blinds yourself: repair

  • Shutter tanks
  • Slats individually 55 x 14 mm
  • Slats individually 50 x 14 mm
  • Slats individually 37 x 8 mm
  • suspension springs
  • Belt pulley 19 cm
  • ball-bearing
  • Einhängeklammern
  • buffer
  • brush seal
  • Seatbeltguide
  • guide rail
  • Standard Surface Gurtwickler
  • inlet funnel
  • cover
  • Belt repair kit 23 mm
  • Belt repair kit 14 mm
  • Gurtwickler flush-mounted with cover plate

Replace defective blades

One of the most common reasons for having to repair a roller shutter is slats that have broken or cracked.

Slats can be easily replaced individually. But check carefully if several are already fragile on the edge. Then it makes more sense to exchange the whole so-called tank, because then probably the material is not much longer durable. If the old tank was still attached to the shaft with straps, it is recommended to equip the new tank with suspension brackets and suspension springs.

Repair blinds yourself: yourself

Here is the case clearly: A lamella is demolished.

Repair blinds yourself: yourself

Unscrew the shutter box and remove the lid.

Step 1: Remove defective blades

Make a piece with the damaged blade over the shaft to the inside so that the defective blade can be pushed out to the side.

For this, the outside part may have to be pushed upwards. If the lamella has already completely broken through, the two individual parts must be pulled out to the side.

Repair blinds yourself: blinds

The narrower part of the broken blade is pulled out.

Repair blinds yourself: yourself

The dimension for the new lamella is marked, then it is sawn.

Repair blinds yourself: shutter

Then the new lamella is inserted in the place of the defective ones and the length is checked.

Step 2: Insert new lamella

First, the new lamella must be cut to the correct size. Sand down any rough edges.

Then the lamella is threaded from the side up and down and placed between the existing lamellae. Check again that the new lamella does not stick out on the sides.

Step 3: Wait for the warehouse and complete the repair

When the roller shutter box has been opened for repair, the opportunity should be taken to service the bearings. This means that they are greasy (eg grease or WD 40) and thus keep them running.

Finally close the box and screw it in place.

Repair blinds yourself: blinds

Whenever a roller shutter rewinding mechanism is uncovered, the opportunity for maintenance should be used.

Repair blinds yourself: roller

After the finished repair, close the roller shutter box and cover any quirks.

Repair blinds without opening the box?

Repair blinds yourself: blinds

This is possible in rare cases, where the location and construction permit. On the ground floor, for example, with easily accessible guide rails and, if the roller shutter can still be pulled up completely. In this case, you can replace individual slats that are not too high up on the shaft by unscrewing the rails and allowing the slats to slide out and in from the outside.

Likewise, in many cases, the guide rails and bumpers can be replaced without the box must be opened to it.

It is partly described how the lamellae are bent so much that they can be pulled out of the guide rails. However, this is urgently advised against, as both the slats and the guide rails can be damaged in an attempt to repair the blind. Especially older lamellas are very porous due to the sun and other weather conditions and can break. Then the cause is usually larger and requires extensive repair.

For roller shutters, change the belt winder

You want to replace the winder during your roller shutter repair, because the belt is no longer pulled in well? No problem, get a Gurtwickler as a spare part. These are available both as a concealed and as a surface-mounted version.

Step 1: Remove old belt winder

First, let the shutter down completely. Then undo or remove the belt winder, depending on whether it is a surface-mounted or flush-mounted winder.

Careful, there might be some tension on the part. Remove the old belt. Mostly a hook or a kind of button on the roll to which the belt is attached. Pull the belt out of the old winder.

Step 2: Apply belt to the new winder

For this, the belt must be pulled through the guide of the new Gurtwicklers. Then the roll must be tensioned by turning - as far as possible. Hold the roll firmly with one hand and with the other hand fasten the strap with the existing opening on the hook or button of the roll and let it wind up a little bit.

Fix the belt with the brake / lock and tighten the belt winder. The surface-mounted winder now requires the housing to be mounted on the wall.

Repair blinds yourself: roller

The belt must be threaded and the pulley turned to tension. Hold on tight!

Repair blinds yourself: blinds

Secure the strap to the roller while still keeping a firm grip on the roller.

Repair blinds yourself: roller

Determine the roller with the belt brake. Replace the belt winder and screw it on.

Use the opportunity of the roller shutter repair and retrofit sensibly

If you have to unscrew roller shutter boxes, the paint is often damaged afterwards and needs to be repaired. Therefore, it always pays to take the opportunity to make a useful upgrade:

Repair blinds yourself: blinds


Roller shutters are high on the list of places where a house loses heat. Therefore, you should definitely dam your roller shutter box, if you already have it open and there is no insulation. Insulation is available for retrofitting and the costs for this are quickly recouped in the heating bill.

brush seals

Self-adhesive brush seals secure the blinds against insects. Anyone who has ever had a wasp or hornet's nest in the roller shutter box, appreciates this equipment, because what can not penetrate, must not be resettled later. Together with a new belt feedthrough with brush even draft is avoided.

Locking against lateral displacement

In the case of roller shutters with motors, the slats should in any case be secured against lateral slippage or displacement. However, such locks are often a useful addition to other roller shutters - especially if the shutters have been tilted more often in the guide rails or the top of the box.

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