Replace a roller shutter

There are many reasons why craftsmen are constantly faced with the task of having to replace a roller shutter. Reason enough for us to provide you with instructions for replacing a roller shutter tank below.

Materials for roller shutter

Before you replace the roller shutter, you must first deal with the materials from which the individual lamellae of the tank are made.

  • Wood
  • Metal lamellas (from sheet steel to aluminum profiles)
  • plastic

Wooden roller shutter

Wood is by far the most maintenance-intensive material. Since the roller shutter are exposed to all weather conditions, the stress is correspondingly high. Depending on the direction of the sky and the local weather conditions, it may be necessary to re-protect wooden slats annually.

Plastic roller shutter

In contrast, plastic slats are not only inexpensive and easy to clean, they also have very good thermal and sound insulation properties. However, over time, the plastic also becomes porous and the lamellar connections wear out. Broken or porous lamellae, but also loosening profiles always cause a regular exchange.

Metal roller shutters

For metal and in particular the widespread Alulamellen you must pay attention to the production. The aluminum roller shutter tanks offered range from simple and thin aluminum profiles to foam-filled aluminum louvers. The latter combine several positive features: good insulating effect (sound insulation as well as thermal insulation) as well as efficient burglary protection.

Replace individual slats or entire roller shutter armor

Of course, it is easiest to swap individual slats if it is a quality roller shutter system from a renowned manufacturer. In particular, in hardware store, it may be difficult to get matching lamellar profiles. Then, if necessary, the entire shuttering armor must be replaced. With the following instructions, you can replace both the complete roller shutter and individual slats.

Gradual discharge for replacing the roller shutter

  • new roller shutter slats or
  • a completely new roller shutter
  • different screwdrivers
  • possibly an old chisel (can or should be as blunt as possible)
  • possibly a spatula
  • Cutter knife
  • foremen
  • hammer

1. Preparatory work

First of all you have to open the roller shutter box (the link will lead you to a detailed description of what may need to be considered). In addition, the shutters close differently, so they can not accidentally slip up out of the side guide rails.

Bring the blinds to a good working height. For most blinds, you finally see an L-profile on the roller shutter. For old shutters, it is a fixed angle, in new systems, you can virtually fold the angle. Remove fixed angles by driving the chisel between the profile and the bottom lamella from the inside, and then pull the profile out piece by piece.

You can simply fold in movable contra-angles, but you can unscrew screwed rubber stoppers. Now you can roll up the entire panzer from the inside over the belt or the engine and pull it out of the lateral guides. A second person pushes the tank a bit outward while you lower the shutter again. Now the tank is in front of the guide rails.

2. Replace the roller shutter: loosen the topmost slat

Old systems have straps that attach the topmost slat to the roll. In modern systems, these bands can be made of metal. There are also systems where the first sipe is pulled out laterally. If the old fastening system is found on your roller shutter, it is advisable to replace the straps with modern metal straps.

But before you solve the tank, you have to fix the belt retractor. There is a spring on the inside, so that the belt is automatically rolled up. To do this, loosen the cover (below) from the belt as long as the roller shutter armor is completely unrolled. Keep the belt tensioned otherwise it will curl up. Inside you can see a brake system, often a sheet metal attachment that you can bend in the direction of the belt and thus fix the role.

Now that you have solved everything as described above, you can pull out the roller shutter inside and replace it with a new one. This is the procedure with attached shutter systems (roller shutter box in the lintel). Dismantling with superior blinds (roller shutter box mounted on the window frame or above the window on the facade) works in the same way, except that you work from the outside to the outside instead of the room. Maybe it makes sense to change the roller shutter belt on this occasion.

Tips & Tricks

If you only want to replace individual lamellas and not the entire tank, you can save some of the work. Replace louvers in the upper area of ​​the roller shutter armor: You do not have to loosen the end bar on the last louvre. Instead, just release the tank by the roller and pull it out until you can pull out the damaged blade sideways.

Replace the slats in the lower part of the roller shutter armor: In this case, you will have to loosen the end bar, but not the top slat on the roller. Pull the roller shutter armor as described before the guide and then replace the corresponding slats or fins in the lower tank area.

If you want to exchange a plastic armor for an aluminum or wooden armor (or vice versa), you first have to calculate whether the bale (the strength of the roll) is sufficient. In addition, there is a guide funnel at the outlet of the roller shutter box, which also has to fit. Most likely, you can switch to another material if you use roller shutter from the same manufacturer. Their specialist consultants will also explain to you what needs to be considered concretely.

In the case of tower or body roller shutters (in a fall) you should take the opportunity to improve the thermal insulation here. The same applies to the opening of the belt guide. The specialist trade offers here numerous brushes and insulation systems. Only an old non-insulated belt opening can cost up to 40 liters of heating oil per year due to escaping heat.

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