Blinds insulate against cold and noise

Often the building insulation is improved and optimized with a lot of effort and money. Gladly overlooked is the supposed little thing, the shutters also good to dam. The subsequent dam is not difficult and has the side effect, equal to the noise with lock out.

Insulating mats or styrofoam

In many buildings, the roller shutter box is housed in the masonry or fall of the window and door niches. Similar to the room radiators, usually sunk by thinner walls until thirty years ago, the energy-insulating effect is often overlooked. Already with a simpler lining of the roller shutter box, the insulation values ​​can be decisively influenced.

Modern insulation materials such as flexible mats can cause strong insulation effects without much space. Easier and cheapest is Styrofoam or Styrodur installed inside the box. With this material, however, the available space must be checked, which is present in a completely wound roller shutter.

Simply shut your shutters yourself

  • Styrofoam adhesive or
  • Two-sided adhesive tape
  • Flexible insulation mats or
  • Styrofoam / Styrodur or
  • Dämmformteile
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife

Measure 1st place

After opening the roller shutter box you have to pull the roller shutter up completely and wind it up. Now you can judge the remaining space in the box.

2. Select insulation material

If the space in your roller shutter box offers three inches of play in all directions, you can use Styrofoam or Styrodur. If space is limited, you should use high-density special mats or insulating moldings.

3. insulate box back

The greatest influence on the insulating effect has the back of the shutter box, which is directed to the outer wall. If you trim your insulation material such as Styrofoam yourself, you should mount the maximum possible thickness for the rear wall. You can also glue several Styrofoam plates on top of each other.

4. insulate lower and upper side

At the bottom and top of the roller shutter box lower insulation thicknesses are sufficient. Two centimeters thick Styrofoam or Styrodur is sufficient for a good back wall insulation.

5. Bonding the insulation

After cleaning the roller shutter box, you can unilaterally expose double-sided adhesive tape and attach it to the inner walls. After removing the protective foil, press the insulating elements directly onto the adhesive strips.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the insulation in the box of your shutter you should also seal the recess for the belt run. There are insulated pre-fabricated components that you can insert into the slightly enlarged slot.

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