Romantic garden: crocuses, anemones, hyacinths

Romance is a way of countering the present and its constraints. The basic themes of romance have always been feeling, passion, sensitivity and soul. The term Romanticism refers to the epoch of cultural history that lasted from the end of the 18th century until well into the 19th century. The focus was on sensitivity, longing, nature and mystery. One believed in the power of the ancestor, of seeing, of intuition, of imagination and of nature.

Garden romance in spring

Contents to the romantic garden

  • Romantic garden in winter and spring
  • Put flower bulbs
  • Autumn is planting time

Anemones: Romantic spring messengers


Romantic garden in winter and spring

The rarer the nature that surrounds us, the more intense will be the desire to spiritually trace it. A romantic garden hides its secrets, is not at first glance manageable, dispenses with sharp contours or beveled beds. Everything is focused on tenderness, lightness, playfulness and dreaminess. Perfect in a romantic garden fit, for example lush climbing roses, climbing clematis with soft flower stars, wild wine with its fabulous play of colors from gold to orange to red, delicate, fragrant lavender and lush farm hydrangeas with their ball-shaped flower umbels.

Hyacinths: a fragrant spring


Put flower bulbs

But before all these beauties are revealed, bulbous flowers are the first plants of the year that can provide romantic effects with their flowers. Gently nodding snowdrops, delicate crocuses, lovely early spring anemones, teasing flower towers of grape hyacinths, exuberant tulips, fragrant hyacinths, upright daffodils and globular allium need to be planted in the fall so that they can satisfy our romantic yearnings in spring.

Crocuses: They too are planted in the fall


Autumn is planting time

So plant the mineral resources as soon as possible, because now the choice is greatest in the garden centers and plant catalogs. It pays to think in advance if you want to indulge in pastel shades in the spring or if you want to stay between the blue flowers of romance. Maybe you also strive for floral dream sequences in colorful or you prefer capricious on fabulous white? However you wish to live out your sense of sensuality, it must be planted in the fall. Let's go!

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