Battens distance - this is how it is determined

The battens must support and hold the roof tiles. Therefore, their distance must be accurately determined and always remain the same over the entire length of the roof. How to find the right distance, we show here.

Distance of the roof battens

Fortunately, most manufacturers provide their buyers with precise information about which batten distance the special roof tiles require.

The easiest way of attaching the roof battens are of course roof tiles or roof tiles, which offer a small margin and do not resent even tiny mistakes.

Roof tiles made of clay

The company Braas, for example, recommends the following distances between the battens.

  • Ruby 9 V - 370 to 400 millimeters
  • Ruby 11 V - 338 to 370 mm
  • Ruby 15 - 330 to 336 millimeters

By this one can quite well recognize the differences in the size of the scope. While one roof tile still offers a full 3 centimeters of clearance, another only has 0.6 centimeters of play.

Concrete roof tiles

For profiled roofing stones, the following lath spacing is recommended depending on the pitch of the roof.

  • Tilt below 22 degrees. Distance 312 - 320 mm
  • Tilt from 22 degrees. Distance 312 - 335 mm
  • Tilt from 30 degrees Distance 312 - 345 mm

Tegalit smooth stones

  • Tilt below 25 degrees. Distance 312 - 315 mm
  • Tilt from 25 degrees. Distance 312 - 325 mm
  • Tilt from 35 degrees. Distance 312 - 340 mm

Attach battens

The upper edges of the battens must be exactly parallel to each other. There must be no deviations in the distance when the battens are attached.

Aids for mounting at the correct distance

That's why you should build a small auxiliary tool, a so-called Lattenknecht. This is a bar that is about twenty centimeters longer than the distance between the two slats. Hereupon you nailing a bar in the middle, which corresponds exactly to the bar distance.

In order for this construction to hold well, a small piece of wood is nailed up and down, at a distance of a slat thickness to the middle piece of wood.

This sledgehammer then hangs on the two slats and pushes him while nailing the slats just continue. If you like it comfortably, you can screw on a wide grip.

Tips & Tricks

Also pay attention to the correct distance of the roof battens to the gutter and the ridge. These are also quite different depending on the tile or Dachstein.

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