Roof box - completes the roof and protects

The roof box or Gesimskasten disguises and protects the projection of the roof between the outer wall and the gutter. This allows the roof to be protected against winds from below. At the same time, the roof structure is concealed visually appealing underneath.

Protection for roof and building

The roof overhang protrudes far beyond the outer wall of many buildings. This makes the rafters visible from below. In addition, birds and other animals can move from below into the insulation of the roof.

Therefore, this gap between the outer wall and the rafters is sealed with a roof box. Thus, the façade is protected against bird droppings when birds nest there in the supernatant. At the same time, the roof is protected from strong winds that can literally strike from below.

Room for lighting

Today, special emphasis is placed on an atmospheric and clear lighting around the house. Thanks to the roof box, the installation of cheap LED spotlights has been greatly facilitated. In the roof box, both the power supply and the entire recessed spotlights can be accommodated.

Roof box construction and attachment

The roof box was originally completely made of wood. For this purpose, boards were placed under the rafters and on the outer wall. These were usually covered with tongue and groove boards.

Today plastic panels or plastic boards are often used for the cladding. These are even easier on the one hand and do not rot on the other hand. Even the disadvantages that plastic often has in direct sunlight fall away from the roof box.

A roof box has advantages

  • Protection of the facade
  • Protection of the roof truss
  • Optical rounding of the roof downwards
  • With insulated roof box additional insulation
  • Practical accommodation of lighting

There are almost no disadvantages when installing a roof box. However, nature conservation sees these boxes as critical in many areas, as there is no room left for wall-nesting birds like swallows or swifts.

Tips & Tricks

In some construction areas, it is therefore mandatory to provide nesting boxes as a replacement when installing a thermally insulated roof box. With uninsulated roof boxes, the communities want you to have access for swallows or swifts.

However, you should also set up replacement nest boxes if you have a roof box, so that the legacy of the animals does not pollute the house.

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