Paint the roof box - this is how you make it clever

As a rule, there is a wooden roof box lining, usually made of tongue and groove boards. This means that the roof box must also be repainted at regular intervals. You can read in this article how best to proceed and what types of glaze are suitable.

Thin film, thick film, primer?

The question of what a wood roof box is best painted, separates the minds throughout. Different glazes have very different advantages and disadvantages.

The easiest way is of course in wooden boxes in the natural sound - here is usually painted only with wood preservative paint, blue stain should be included in the glaze used as possible.
Only in kesseldruckruckprägniertem wood you can usually do without it.

For the very common white colors, thin-layer glazes are suitable for a number of reasons - they favor less mold growth than thick-film glazes, hold better and need not be spackled.

What you can do with your roof box

  • with colorless wood preservation paint
  • with thin-layer glazes
  • with a thick coat
  • with co-ordinated paint systems, such as Remmers (

So you should proceed best when painting

  • colour
  • if necessary sand paper, spatula
  • framework
  • paint bucket
  • Brush or roller
  • drip tray

1st armament

First, you must set up and secure the scaffold professionally and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Do not take this point lightly, because in the case of a fall in the absence of safety precautions even more problems can wait for them, all the more if an assistant is harmed.

2. Remove or sand the old paint

This is not always necessary, but usually depends on which paint on the roof box is present, and which you want to apply.

3. Swipe

Smooth the paint in even strokes and make sure that it can dry as protected as possible.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, you will be spared the regular brushing if, instead of wood, you choose a plastic panel to cover the roof box. The additional costs are generally manageable and are around 6 - 8 EUR per square meter. Aluminum may also be an alternative.