Clean the roof

Different environmental influences, moss and similar things make roofs visually often not very appealing. To let the roof shine again in new splendor, a roof cleaning effectively remedies. You can perform such cleaning both by professional companies and yourself. What you should pay attention to and what you have to think about is revealed in detail in this article.

Professional roof cleaning with high pressure

In general, the usual soiling on roofs can be very well with high-pressure cleaners eliminate. This is a simple and quite efficient method that removes moss and lichens at the same time.

However, some roof coverings are not very good for this type of cleaning - some types of roof tiles are too sensitive for that. If the roofing contains asbestos, high-pressure cleaning is even prohibited by law.

As a rule, high-pressure cleaners that work with hot water are significantly more efficient than cold water devices. However, they are also - due to the heater for the water - also significantly heavier and can therefore be problematic to use on the roof in some cases.

Cleaning has no influence on the service life

Cleaning a roof will always make for a nicer look - however, roofing does not have any impact on the roof's durability and tightness, although some advertisements claim otherwise.

However, the Central Association of the German roofing trade clearly describes a cleaning of the roof as a "purely cosmetic measure". In case of improper cleaning, even the rain impermeability of the roof can be impaired.

Which contaminants occur most often on roofs

  • Dirt and dust from the air can settle on the roof tiles
  • Roofs can also be "sanded"
  • Mosses and lichens may start to become porous over time

This is how the roof cleaning is carried out

  • mains water supply
  • possibly special cleaning agents
  • high pressure cleaner
  • framework
  • personal security equipment

1. Attach climbing aids and fuses

Before starting work on the roof, any necessary scaffolding must be set up and secured in accordance with regulations. For this purpose, adequate self-protection must be provided for all workers working on the roof.

Lifeline locks provide the best freedom of movement, and are therefore in many cases the backup of choice. The legal requirements can be found in the BGR 203.

2. Rough cleaning of the roof

In the first pass, the high-pressure cleaner thoroughly removes all coarse dirt, as well as mosses and lichens. For moss removal, special equipment with rotating brushes has proven itself. More is usually not necessary.

3. Complete cleaning of the roof

In the second pass, the roof is thoroughly reworked from top to bottom with the high pressure unit to rinse off all dirt. Any subsequent sealing of the roof can then effectively protect against recontamination.

Tips & Tricks

The weight of a hot water pressure washer may be too high for some roofs. In each case, appropriate caution is appropriate.

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