The roof cleaning - which prices are usual?

The roof cleaning is basically not a technical, but a cosmetic measure. Of course, at the same time, a specialized company will carry out an inspection and control of the roof for possible damage and replace defective roof tiles at the same time. What can cost such a roof cleaning, you will learn in detail in this post.

prime example

As a prime example, we want to have a large detached house (120 m² living space, single storey) have the 180 m² roof (pitched roof) cleaned by a company using a high-pressure cleaner. The roof is easily accessible through an existing roof exit. In addition, the roof should also be impregnated.

Complete cleaning1,260 euros
additional impregnation1,350 EUR
Total cost (cleaning + impregnation)2,610 EUR

All prices quoted in the article are net prices.


In our example, all utilities, including arrival and departure, are already included. Note, however, that depending on the nature of the roof and roof condition and depending on the type of roof construction, roof pitch and accessibility of the roof for roof cleaning very different costs may be incurred. Our example is just a sample of a single building.


Many roofing companies and many expert representatives in the roofing trade see a roof cleaning as a purely cosmetic measure, which has no significant advantage for the roofing, but often the risk of damage, especially if it is carried out improperly.

  • Roof tiles can be damaged
  • Water can penetrate into the roofing
  • many of the "impregnating agents" or sealants used fail to work or are harmful to the covering material, and they do not reach all areas of a roof tile when laid

If you want to have a roof covering done, your money is always in the best hands with a professional roofing company. Many low-cost suppliers, who use improper methods of roof cleaning, can often cause damage to the roofing, for which they are later hardly liable.

Basic steps in the roof cleaning

Verification and inspection

Reputable providers will not submit offers "blindly", but submit a thorough review of the roof before submitting an offer before submitting an offer. Attention is paid to:

  • Size of the roof area (most homeowners do not know that)
  • roof pitch
  • Construction of the roof (roof type, such as saddle roof, kinks, throats, dormers, etc.) to assess the water drainage on the roof
  • Condition of the roof (degree of contamination, existing damage and leaks on the roof, waterlogging, moss infestation, etc.)
  • Access to the roof

Only on the basis of these circumstances, a realistic price for the work can be called. For most of the providers, nothing is charged for this assessment, as it serves to submit tenders. If a low-cost supplier should ask for high sums of money for an assessment, you should be more careful.

Preparatory work

If you work professionally, the construction site will also be set up first. It is taped, the access options are checked again and set up and the necessary fuses for the roof work are created. This work is part of the performance of the roof cleaning.

Execution of the cleaning

Usually, the cleaning of the roof is carried out with a high-pressure cleaner. The prices here vary relatively strong, depending on the provider and conditions on the roof. In some cases, additional manual removal of moss and lichen may be necessary. With most providers, you will have to expect between 5 and 10 EUR per m² of roof area, with very high costs and unfavorable conditions may also slightly more.

Unfavorable are above all:

  • steep roofs
  • difficult access to the roof
  • many small, twisted surfaces
  • high degree of contamination
  • delicate roof coverings (difficult to enter)
  • no optimal water drainage

Cleaning the gutter

For most providers, a thorough cleaning of the gutter is included in the offer, as the dirt flushed from the roof should also be removed. Normally no additional costs are required.


An impregnation of the roof surface is also offered by many suppliers. Due to this nano-coating, dirt should not settle so easily later and be washed away with the rainwater at any time. Such impregnations are also priced in the range of around 7 - 10 EUR per m² roof area, depending on the technology used. An order by means of roles is also possible.

Cost of possibly additional work required

Repair of roof damage

If the work is carried out by a roofing firm, it will certainly alert you to existing damage to the roofing or existing waterproofing, and fix it immediately. Of course, this can incur additional costs, which then depend on the particular effort required.

Roof coating with roof colors

To make a roof look like new again, many roof coverings can be coated with roof paints. Such a coating depends on the respective covering materials and the coating used, but usually costs between 10 and 15 EUR per m² roof area. A previous roof cleaning (additional costs!) Is absolutely necessary, so that the total price for cleaning and coating is around 18 - 25 EUR per m² roof area. In our example, the total cost would be around 3,200 - 4,500 EUR.

Additional costs of the provider

In some cases you have to expect additional costs from a provider. These are especially common:

  • Arrival and departure costs
  • Cost of more time-consuming cleaning work (remove moss, for example)
  • Cost of creating access to the roof (if not easily possible)

Roof cleaning with living organisms

Some microorganisms are able to attack and dissolve moss and lichen, because they feed on them. Therefore, some vendors bring living microorganisms to the roof, which then automatically remove the moss and lichen within a certain period of time (several months). This service is only provided by some providers, the costs are in most of the range of around 5 - 10 EUR per m² roof area.

Conservative factors

  • larger roof area
  • flatter roofs
  • simple roof shapes without dormers, throats and kinks
  • little sensitive covering
  • comparatively low degree of contamination, low moss and lichen attack

Increasing factors

  • complicated roof geometries
  • "Crooked" roofs
  • especially steep roofs
  • difficult or expensive access to the roof
  • high pollution
  • heavy moss infestation (especially with concrete roof tiles)
  • Roofs with high-quality, very sensitive roofing

Saving opportunities through self-construction or personal contribution

You may also be able to easily clean the roof yourself with the high pressure washer if:

  • they are absolutely free from giddiness
  • comply with the prescribed safety requirements for work on the roof
  • be advised by a roofer how to do it best to avoid any damage to the roofing
  • Have a suitable high-pressure cleaner (preferably hot water), which is not too heavy (risk of breakage of the roofing)

There is still a risk that you will damage the roof covering during cleaning, given the lack of experience on the roof, but it is already much smaller. For a roof coating, you can buy roof paint from specialist dealers, but many high-quality coatings are relatively expensive - depending on the product, they may cost up to 20 EUR per m² of roof surface.


There are no subsidies for cleaning and coating a roof. However, you may be able to use depreciation for professionally executed work by a specialist firm. Find out more in our general funding overview.

Tips & Tricks

Especially the costs for a roof coating should think well. The lifetime of roofing is not extended according to opinion of many experts. In the case of visible visible damage to the roof, you should definitely use one
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