Roof coating for the preservation of value - which prices are usual?

A roof coating delays the aging of the roof material and can therefore be a thoroughly worthwhile investment. Also, the appearance of the roof improves by this measure - the house is experiencing an overall increase in value.

Roof coating: prices for complete package of measures

The roof coating is usually not as an individual measure in itself, but it is linked to other services. In any case, a thorough cleaning is necessary before coating so that the coating material really adheres to the substrate.

During and after cleaning, there is usually a visual inspection of the roof. Here, the specialist recognizes all existing deficiencies and suggests how to fix them.

Thus, the cost of the roof coating may still come some repair and repair work. In many cases, this investment is necessary to avoid expensive consequential damage.

Sometimes a roof needs a primer before the actual seal, which increases the price of the roof coating. Make this your decision with the specialist company you have hired.

Average prices for the roof coating

The average price for a high-quality roof coating, including cleaning, visual inspection and one-time sealing, is about 15 to 18 EUR per square meter of roof area. Added to this is VAT. For a primer the specialist company takes about 5 EUR per square meter.

The exact roof coating Prices for your house can be found after a visit by a specialist who has to check the degree of soiling and the quality of the roof to create a serious offer.

To estimate the final price as accurately as possible, it is best to inquire which of the following items are included in the price per square meter and what may be added.

  • Travel costs for the employees
  • Roof inspection and reporting
  • Mixing the desired color
  • Abklebungen to protect adjacent areas
  • thorough pre-cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Replacement of defective roof tiles
  • small repairs
  • Coat sheet metal parts
  • Hand coating difficult to reach places

Example project: roof coating Prices for 150 sqm

The roof coating for a 150 square meter roof should cost 19 euros per square meter including VAT. In addition, there are travel costs and the price for the primer.

Cost overviewprice
2 x directions100 EUR
primer900 EUR
roof coating2,850 EUR
total3,850 euros including VAT

To deduct costs from the tax

The wages for the craftsmen who perform your roof coating, you can specify in the context of your tax declaration as a household-related service. Instead, allocate the pure labor costs separately from the material costs.

Tips & Tricks

Beware of cheap providers in this area! Badly done work can have fatal consequences in the case of roof coating. Hire a company that is known for serious work and pay dearly for something more.

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