Roofing guidelines - an overview

The guidelines for roofers are needed several times a day. For a long time there is therefore a loose-leaf collection, which summarizes all guidelines clearly. In the meantime, it is also available as a CD-ROM and with online access for practical work.

Folder or CD-ROM - or just both

The roofer's technical rules are so important that they should be accessible at all times and you can use them quickly as a roofer.

Since these acknowledged rules of technology are binding specifications for all roof and façade works, there are various offers on how the rules can be kept and purchased.

  • Folder 2 pieces with loose leaf collection
  • CD-ROM
  • Online access to the rules
  • pocketbooks
  • Combination of folder and CD-ROM
  • Combination of folders, CD-ROM and online access

Original texts of the regulations

The basic equipment in the two practical folders contains the different instructions and leaflets as well as the complete original texts of the various technical rules. Illustrations and illustrations can be easily removed as well as single sheets and also copied.

Some examples from the roofer guidelines

  • Specialist rule for roofing with roof tiles and roof tiles
  • Specialist rule for roofing with slate
  • Specialist rule for exterior wall cladding with flat fiber cement slabs
  • Specialist rule for exterior wall cladding with small-sized clay and concrete products
  • Specialist information about wind loads on roofs with roof tiles and roof coverings

Latest updates

The latest update of the Roofing Guidelines, which took place in July 2013, showed a completely revised version of the Roofing Instruction leaflet. The requirements for the dimensioning of snow guards and safety roof hooks have been specially revised.

Some examples of further revisions

  • corrosion protection
  • Traffic routes on the roof
  • roof systems

Always pay attention to completeness

No one should remove current leaves from the folders and take them with them. These original texts would be easily lost in the daily routine on the construction sites. Therefore, employees should always be encouraged to make copies for use on the go.

Tips & Tricks

If you run a larger roofing company, it is certainly helpful to keep the Roofing Guidelines constant for all employees. Therefore, it is certainly a combination of folders, CD and online use appropriate.

In a small craft business, the leaf collection in the folders will probably be sufficient. But you should make sure that the updates are also sorted quickly.

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