Roof edge profiles form the conclusion on the flat roof

Roof edge profiles contribute to the overall appearance of a façade, especially when they are coated in color. They are also part of the roof seal, are usually made of aluminum and therefore corrosion resistant. They are available for arched or straight roof edges to choose from.

Profiles secure the roof seal

Roof edges must allow the tightness and durability of the roof. The roof edge profiles for the flat roof, which can be found in the offer of the manufacturer, usually have a clamping profile. The outer and inner corners are prefabricated, different aperture heights are available.

A roof end profile forms the end of the roof edge, the alternative roof edge cover, however, protects a roof edge and protects at the same time in the form of a wall cover. Roof edge profiles can be used for flat roofs both for roof edges with an upstand and without an upstand.

Roof edge profiles for a flat roof made of aluminum

  • are offered in one or two parts
  • are available in different lengths
  • be attached directly to the facade or with an angle combination
  • are available untreated, powder-coated or anodised.

In compliance with regulations

The fastening of the roof edge profiles must be carried out in such a way that the thermal changes with respect to the length do not affect the seal. Therefore, the profiles must not be glued into the roof waterproofing. In addition, they must be waterproof to the upper end.

Roof edge profiles for the flat roof and the prices of the Internet providers

The final profiles are priced at 60, - € for 25 m made of hard PVC in brown, red, white or black color. Depending on the cut, aluminum profiles measuring two meters in length cost between € 4 and € 5.

  • offers complete flat roof solutions including roof edge profiles.
  • has roof edge profiles made of PVC in the assortment.
  • is a manufacturer of roof edge profiles made of aluminum.

Tips & Tricks

A prerequisite for the function of the roof waterproofing is the compatibility of the materials. The roof edge profiles should be made of the same material as the gutter parts.

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