Roof moss - these are your options

Moss on the roof looks very ugly, and according to some experts, stored moisture can also damage the roof. What options you have to get rid of moss on your roof can be found in this post.

Moss infestation - where it comes from

Moose - and also some lichen species - are extremely resistant and amazingly adaptable plants. They thrive even under the most adverse conditions and hardly need space to hold on tight.

This is why moss infestation is also common on roofs, especially on the north side of the roof. Because of the resilience of these plant species it is also extremely difficult to manage.

A prerequisite for the moss infestation, however, is that there are at least small bumps or open pores on the aged roof tiles. Moss can not adhere to completely smooth surfaces.

Accordingly, coated or nachbeschichtete roof tiles or a subsequently applied nano-coating are therefore a very effective means to prevent moss infestation again for a long time - but they are usually associated with a high cost.

Already on the roof located moss or lichens can be removed with the following means.

Remove moss - you can do that

  • Mechanical: this ranges from a coarse brush over the high-pressure cleaner to special devices with rotating brushes
  • by chemical means
  • with home remedies that often look surprisingly good

All these possibilities require a direct work on the roof. If you are professional, you may have to reckon on a high cost.

In most cases, the mechanical removal is sufficiently effective - with the brush, moss can be quite easily removed from the roof, in more stubborn cases, either more scrubbing must be done, or appropriately powerful brushing devices are used.

Chemicals often take a long time to actually work, but most of them are quite reliable. Home remedies, especially vinegar, also kill mosses, often in much less time than chemical products. In addition, vinegar is also cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

In the opinion of the professional association of the German roofing trade, neither roof cleaning nor demotions extend the life of the roof, they are merely visual embellishments.

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