Roof vent - not just for the camper

At the first moment one thinks involuntarily of caravans and campers at roof fans. But they are also available for buildings - and even for chimneys. Read more in this post.

Roof fans provide active ventilation

If you want to ventilate roof areas, a roof ventilator helps by actively sucking out the exhaust air and thus removing it faster. This type of active ventilation is also known from caravans and campers.

The difference here is that in campers usually 12V motors provide the movement of the fan, while the modern building fans get along completely without energy source.

Roof vent - not just for the camper: camper

They are driven solely by the wind, which moves the breather and creates a negative pressure inside, which quickly expels the exhaust gases or exhaust air. You do not need an energy source and are thus very environmentally friendly. Very low wind speeds are sufficient for the operation.

Installed on the chimney, they protect the chimney from falling insects or birds and help counteract the sooting of the chimney by quickly removing the fumes.

Facts about roof ventilators (for buildings)

  • they are mostly wind-driven
  • they are used solely for ventilation, not ventilation
  • no energy source needed
  • can also be mounted on chimneys

Prices for roof fans

Pricing is the most fan models in the price range from around 100 EUR or slightly more. Specially designed models of well-known manufacturers can also be a bit more expensive.

Sources of supply online

  • Here there are some roof ventilators for buildings
  • Different models and different applications - Fans and deaerators for every purpose.
  • Again, there are some roof fans on offer.

How to save

Compare the prices a little, look at different systems from different manufacturers. In many cases, there is more than one solution to your ventilation, and prices can vary accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that you only use ventilators on chimneys that have a specific official test certificate. Find out here in case of doubt.