Roofing felt shingles

The industry offers a large selection of roofing felt, which covers the roof in shingled look. The most widespread form are the shingles rounded at the lower edge. Also available are rectangular shapes that range from the square to the long-limbed beam area. Even shingles in hexagonal honeycomb shape find friends. For roofing with shingles made of roofing felt, the roof must have a minimum slope in order to ensure the rapid flow of rainwater. The extremely durable and durable shingles can withstand strong weather conditions, but are prone to stagnant water and prolonged moisture penetration.

Practical installation in trains

The shingles made of roofing felt are cut by the manufacturers in Schindelbahnen. Depending on the width of the individual shingle field, two to five shingles are grouped together on one lane. Above the actual shingles is the support and attachment field for the next lane. The tracks are laid on top of each other like pieces of carpet and the upper shingle track overlaps the support area of ​​the underlying track with its shingles. The result is a uniform uniform look, which gives the impression of individually laid shingles. Modern shingles made of roofing felt have adhesive dots on the underside of the shingles, which increase the strength of the nailed roof cover due to solar heat and contact pressure.

Smooth, textured shingles available in many colors

The tracks of the different shingle shapes are offered with different surfaces. Shingles made of sanded roofing felt, which produce a slightly mineral effect are popular. Also commercially available are brushed and roughened shingles or shingles of smooth almost glossy texture, in which often the material roofing felt is hardly noticed. Popular colors are dark gray, black and brick red, but the range is big. Shades of color that mimic other materials, such as slate, marbling color gradients or wood-like looks, are often chosen, especially on smooth surfaces. Roofing shingles cost more than rolled roofing felt, but are still one of the least expensive roof cover types. The price per square meter starts at well below ten euros and the shingles are easily available in every hardware store and on the internet in a large selection.

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