Roof for the carport - what options are there?

Of course the roof is the most important part of a carport. It can be designed in very different ways. The design also has a very important status for the appearance. What possibilities there are for the roof design, read in this post.

roof shapes

The roof of the carport can be covered with very different materials. Usually carports have a flat roof. The shape of the roof but can also be adapted to the roof shape of the house, or designed as a pent roof. Saddle and hipped roofs are more complicated statically have a more complicated roof construction. They are therefore also less common and a little more expensive.

roof coverings

Depending on which roof is chosen for the carport, then various mounting materials are available. For the flat roof may be the following materials:

  • PVC
  • Corrugated or trapezoidal sheets
  • Glass
  • fixed roof panel (wooden roof) with weather protection (bitumen welding tracks)
  • EPDM foil

Load of the roof

It is important that the load capacity of the carport roof is high enough to be able to cope with the maximum snow loads occurring in the respective areas. This possible load must always be taken into account even with special uses of the carport roof.

solar roof

Solar roofs are becoming increasingly common in carports. This allows electric bikes or even a hybrid or electric vehicle to be charged directly. Important requirements are:

  • suitable location of the carport with as little shading as possible (trees, other buildings)
  • sufficient carrying capacity of the carport roof
  • sufficient available area
  • South orientation of the carport roof

The solar yield can be estimated in advance quite accurately, so that you can already see in the planning whether the cost-benefit calculation works.

green roof

A green roof in carports has become quite common. Important to note, however, are a correct structure of the individual layers and a sufficient load-bearing capacity of the roof.

Extensive greening

Even simple green roofs can mean roof loads of 50 - 100 kg per square meter of roof area. In addition, the selection of the plants must be adapted to the respective location and the location of the carport. Optically and ecologically, green roofs in settlement areas are very beneficial.

Tips & Tricks

A walk-in carport roof often facilitates repair work considerably. Also, the regular control over possible damage to the roof is so much easier.

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