Dachlukentreppe - foldable, hinged or luxurious

To get to the roof, you need a ladder or a staircase - here you have the choice of different designs. What's on the market, where the prices are about, and what else you should consider when it comes to the Dachlukentreppe, you can read in this post.

Roof louvers can adapt to the space available

The roof exit in rooms under a flat roof is so high up that you need a stable, fixed ladder to reach it safely. Leaning ladders are definitely not good solutions here.

Depending on the space, however, a completely different situation may arise - in one case, fixed ladders are not a problem, in other cases, the space is completely lacking. There are alternatives for that.

Dachlukentreppe - foldable, hinged or luxurious: dachlukentreppe

possible staircase shapes

  • Scherentreppe - is pulled apart like a Zieharmonika and folded again
  • classic foldable attic stairs
  • slide stairs
  • fixed ladder to the hatch

Prices for attic stairs

Dachlukentreppen are often quite different in price, which always depends on the model, the manufacturer and the execution. Recently, the U-values ​​of such floor stairs play a price-determining role and are also an advertising argument.

The very simple versions you usually get just over 150 EUR, on average, however, the prices are around twice, so at about 300 EUR. But that can always be a little different depending on the manufacturer.

Of course, the most cost-effective are fixed ladders - this is the simplest solution, but often problematic in terms of space, if the loft is also used as living space.

Sources of supply online

  • treppenshop24.com: The staircase shop on the Internet par excellence - numerous models and very clear shop for all types of stairs.
  • heinze.de: Here, too, there are some roof hatch stairs in the dealer's assortment.
  • treppenstore.de: Of course, there are also some attic staircases in the staircase.

How to save

Since you do not have to go to the roof so often, the simpler systems - or even a sturdily mounted ladder - offer themselves here, but sometimes that is a space obstacle, unless you use them skillfully.

Tips & Tricks

As a rule, the installation of system stairs is also easy to accomplish. But some systems are much easier to mount than others. Let us advise you the best.

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