Extend garage roof - is that just so feasible?

In many cases, there are good reasons to want to extend a garage roof. Whether this is so easy, and what difficulties there might be, you will learn in this post. In addition, which simple solution is often offered.

Reasons for extending a garage roof

In most cases, garage roofs are extended because you need an additional footprint. To build such a shelter directly to a garage makes sense. It can be used, for example, to store bicycles or motorcycles outside the garage, or to store wood.

Technical problems

As a rule, garages have one of the following roof shapes:

  • a flat roof
  • a pent roof,
  • in rare cases also a pitched roof.

Each roof shape offers its own technical problems in extending the roof.

flat roof

A flat roof can be extended only in rare cases at all. In most cases, only a side, roofed cultivation on the garage will be possible.

Pent roof

In the pent roof, extending the roof in some cases on the lower side may be technically possible, but this depends on the roof construction.

Pitched roof

When pitched roof, it is in principle possible to extend the rafters - but such a procedure always means a considerable effort.


An extension of the roof or the rafters always brings with it changed static loads. In any case, a thorough static calculation must be carried out prior to execution to ensure that the additionally occurring static loads can also be sufficiently removed.

Any modification to the structure of a roof requires a building permit in any case. The static calculations must also be presented, as well as a detailed planning by the architect. Whether an approval for the project is granted, depends on the respective planned project and the applicable building regulations in the respective federal state and the respective municipality.

Simplest solution

Creating an extra storage room by placing a carport in front of or next to the garage will in most cases result in much less legal and technical problems.

Tips & Tricks

Also, consider whether there are other suitable locations on your property for your cultivation - such as the back of your home.

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