Roof exit - the mini balcony in lofty heights

Roof outlets are an interesting and visually beautiful way to easily and cheaply replace a roof balcony or a roof terrace. In addition, they can also have some other important functions. Read more here.

Roof exit as a mini-balcony

A roof outlet usually consists of a tiltable skylight and a vertically mounted, lower part, which is simply pushed forward and folds out together with the railing.

The exit itself is less than one square meter in size to realize the solution technically. One of the most well-known examples - and the most frequently installed one - is the VELUX Convertible GDL manufactured by VELUX.

Roof exit - the mini balcony in lofty heights: heights

Further functions of the roof outlet

  • large light area for lofts even when closed
  • so-called "second rescue route" for the attic, mostly recognized by fire departments
  • with several side-by-side mounted roof exits, a visually interesting solution is also created on the roof

Prices for roof outlets

Depending on the manufacturer, the prices may vary, but from around 2,500 - 3,000 EUR you have to expect - without mounting - for the roof outlet. Depending on the conditions on the roof, the assembly costs are often quite different.

Sources of supply online

  • The manufacturer with its roof outlet model "Convertible GDL"
  • Roof windows are offered and installed here.
  • Roof outlets and installation are also available on the Haske window.

So you can cut costs

The selection of roof outlets on the market is not very big in Germany - so you can save the most cost by comparing different offers for installation.

Tips & Tricks

You may also plan a simple roof balcony or a mini-roof terrace with your roofer. Often this is a much more attractive alternative, which in some cases is not much higher in cost, or perhaps even lower. But that depends on your roof.

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