Enlarge the roof overhang - is that possible?

A sufficiently large roof overhang can bring some advantages. But if it was not taken into consideration from the outset, it will be tricky. What this is about and how it works, read in this post.

Roof extensions are sometimes problematic

To extend the roof overhang can be quite a sensible thing - but you should be aware that the effort here may be enormous, and then the benefits are not always worth the high cost.

It also makes a difference whether you want to extend your roof in the eaves area or gable side. The latter is usually much easier, here are often already prefabricated elements that can be installed relatively easily.

Enlarge the roof overhang - is that possible?: enlarge

Static challenge

Above all, the extension in the eaves area is problematic in any case, because it changes the statics of the entire roof. Careful planning, which often can not be done by the roofer alone, is necessary in advance.

The extension of the rafters must then also be carried out with suitable methods. Side flanging is possible in some cases, but in other cases other ways to extend the rafters must be found.

How to proceed in sequence

  • Planning of the desired roof overhang sufficient to protect the facade
  • Plan extension in the gable area with the roofer
  • static inspection of the roof for an extension in the eaves area
  • determine a suitable rafter extension individually for the roof
  • Execution by a skilled carpenter company.

The static assessment is in any case necessary and must be carried out. Not all roofs can then actually implement an extension.

Tips & Tricks

Consider possible alternatives on your roof with the roofer in order to avoid a rafter extension under certain circumstances. Sometimes other possibilities can be found.

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