Delete roof overhang - these costs are to be expected!

In many houses, the roof overhang is made of wood and must therefore be regularly provided with a new, weatherproof paint. What are the costs of wages, color and scaffolding?

Paint the roof overhang by the painter

The costs that the painter charges for simply painting a roof overhang are around 20 euros per square meter, including paint and VAT. Consider the regional differences in wages design!

An easy to reach roof overhang is easier to paint and therefore cheaper. If the painter first has to build a scaffolding consuming, the cost of painting the roof overhang increases.

Delete roof overhang - these costs are to be expected!: overhang

For the erection of a fixed scaffolding, craftsmen take about 5 EUR gross per square meter of wall space. With a mobile scaffold, the costs can be reduced. Working from the boarding ladder is unlikely in this case under insurance law.

Paint the roof overhang yourself

High quality weatherproof paint for wood costs about 15 to 20 EUR per liter, normally 10 liters of paint are enough for about 30 square meters. In many cases, however, a second coat is necessary so that the wood is then protected again for many years.

Cost example: roof overhang 30 sqm

A homeowner wants to have her roof overhang painted by the painter. This charges its travel costs and takes an additional EUR 22 per square meter of space. The master painter brings along a practical mobile scaffold, for which a fee of 150 EUR is charged.

Cost overviewprice
approach60 EUR
Delete roof overhang660 EUR
Mobile scaffolding fee150 EUR
total870 EUR

Save costs by own contribution

If you paint the roof overhang yourself, the cost will be approximately EUR 360 according to the above double color paint prices. So you save 510 EUR compared to the mentioned cost example - if not a scaffolding rent is added.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to paint your roof overhang yourself, then ensure your safety when working at high altitude! Borrow a mobile scaffold or at least use a solid, stable ladder.

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