A roof tile sheet instead of conventional cover

Roof tiles are modeled on conventional roof tiles or bricks and visually hardly distinguishable from the distance from them. Often they are chosen in the common colors brick red or gray black, which additionally supports the similarity.

Easy construction

Roof tile sheets are very quick and easy to lay compared to conventional roof tiles. The metal plates usually correspond in width five to six Pfannenbahnen and in height eight to ten pans. A fixing process corresponds to the individual coverage of forty to sixty pans.

In addition to the ease of processing, the low weight of a roof pan sheet is another important feature. A sheet usually weighs around five kilos, which is the weight of a single cement or clay pan. The substructure can be designed accordingly uncomplicated.

Brick look and insulation layer

The shape of a roof tile sheet can be ajar very close to the usual brick or roof tile form of other materials. There are also corrugated metal sheets, which resemble a conventional pan roof by impressed brick appearances when viewed from a distance.

If the roof to be roofed is above inhabited and heated rooms, the roof tile sheets should be provided with an insulating layer. With uninsulated roof tiles, a high volume is formed when the rainfall hits. In addition, a large part of the heating heat escapes, which drives up energy costs and is no longer approved under building law.

Other features

  • The roof tile sheets are made of galvanized steel and are corrosion-free.
  • As an insulating layer polyurethane rigid foam is applied to the underside of the sheets.
  • Algae and moss do not settle on the smooth roof tiles.

Provider and price range

  • dachplattenprofi.de offers corrugated sheets with brick look in 13 colors.
  • lucky-steel.com leads to clinker-based optics in brick red.
  • nordbleche.de offers its roof tile sheets with and without insulation.

Roof tile prices start at ten euros, with most vendors pricing their products in pieces. Non-woven insulation is available from five euros per square meter, and polyurethane-coated products start at twenty euros for square meter prices.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to install roof tile panels on your roof, you must pay attention to the minimum roof pitch. Most vendors show a minimum of seven degrees, with individual vendors rating six degrees.

META: Roofing panels with or without insulation are virtually indistinguishable from conventional tiled roofs. From 10 EUR the square meter is available.

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