Metal roofing panels are a good alternative

Anyone who does not appreciate the high weight of traditional clay roof tiles and does not appreciate plastic, bitumen or fiber cement, has a good alternative with metal roof panels such as aluminum, titanium zinc sheet or stainless steel. With an insulating layer they correspond to the other materials.

Medium to higher price range

Anyone who chooses metal roof tiles has the choice between three product materials. Common to all metal plates is the low insulation of sound and heat. When required, roof panels with a rigid foam insulation layer, in most cases made of polyurethane, are the right choice.

Both aluminum and titanium zinc sheet are among the medium-priced metals and the square meter prices move on average in uninsulated variants by ten euros. Stainless steel sheets averaging thirty euros are in the range of most roof tiles made of clay or cheap slate shingles.

metal features

The individual metals have specific properties that you should consider and choose depending on the type of application and personal needs.

  • Roof panels made of metal Aluminum are the cheapest products. The alloys are anodized and thus made corrosion resistant.
  • Anodized aluminum changes its color over the years as the anodized layer darkens due to oxidation with oxygen.
  • The metal aluminum expands relatively strongly by heat. To avoid damage, the roof panels must be laid professionally.
  • Titanium zinc sheet roofing panels overtake aluminum in popularity because they darken to a lesser extent and respond less to heat.
  • Stainless steel is an expensive metal that offers the best features, but with an average budget of more than twenty euros per square meter, a large budget is required.

Shopping sources

  • roof offers roof plates made of galvanized sheet steel.
  • specializes in roofing panels made of aluminum.
  • offers roofing panels made of stainless steel with different surface reflectance values.

Tips & Tricks

Aluminum and galvanized sheet steel can be dyed in different ways. If, for example, you have to reckon with a lot of branches due to large tree growth around the roof, pay attention to the sensitivity of the dyeing process.

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