Doubling up the rafters - hardly possible today

When loft conversions today an insulation must be mandatory. Since most rafters in the original state for the thickness of the insulation are no longer suitable, must be doubled. But you can easily do that yourself.

Crosstalk insulations usually need a doubling

In the majority of cases, inter-parquet insulations are now the method of choice when it comes to loft conversions - the usually limited space in the attic is at least not unnecessarily reduced.

The problem is, however, the today prescribed insulation thickness of 18 cm - such thick insulation usually no longer fit between the rafters.

But here you can easily manage - namely by doubling the rafters, so that the insulation materials fit in between.

What has to be done between and to the rafters

  • the insulating mats
  • a vapor barrier
  • a counter battens
  • a panel cladding

Not all rafters hold this - but quite high - weight actually stand - it is in any case advisable to seek professional advice before. In case of doubt, a static opinion is required.

Double rafters - this is how you do it right

  • battens
  • suitable nails
  • hammer

1. Measure rafter depth and determine the doubling height

Measure at several points the depth between the rafters that you have available for the insulation and vapor barrier.

From the difference to the thickness of the insulating mats, you can then see if and how much you have to double up your rafters.

2. Cut slats

Under certain circumstances, this step can also be spared - if you buy the slats cut to size immediately. In general, this is, since it is always the same length, easily possible.

3. Nail slats

Nail the laths stable - that means with enough nails - on the rafters, so that a good grip is guaranteed.

Some craftsmen nailing Aufdoppelungslatten today still across the rafters - but this is a bad habit, the further work unnecessarily difficult, a real advantage it does not.

Tips & Tricks

When you buy wood, always pay attention to the respective wood quality and above all to the residual moisture of the wood. This should not be too high in any case, because otherwise you can get problems with length changes during drying out.

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