Roof renovation - this is how you receive KfW funding

A subsequent roof renovation is often associated with some effort and high costs. So that one does not have to bear these costs completely on its own, Kfw-Bank gives homeowners inexpensive loans and possibly even subsidies for energy improvements.

Subsequent roof insulation may be supported by the Kfw Bank. However, you have to achieve quite high standards for thermal insulation. Therefore, you have to plan exactly which insulation you want to use in which way.

Rafters often too narrow

Since the old rafters often do not have sufficient cross-section to bring a strong layer of insulation between them, they often have to be doubled with slats. These measures increase the cost of insulation and make it laborious.

However, there are other constructions and insulation options in which this doubling is not necessary. In any case, the house with the new thermal insulation in the pitched roof must reach the same level as a passive house, if you want to apply for subsidies.

Roof renovation from the outside

If the rooms under the roof are already developed and inhabited, it is often no longer possible to apply insulation from the inside. Then unfortunately you have to remove the roof covering and apply an insulation system from the outside.

The advantage, of course, is that the insulation can be as strong as necessary without having to demolish walls or lose living space. The residents can continue to use their rooms during the renovation as normal.

What information is necessary?

In order to receive funding for a roof renovation, some information must be known beforehand. On the one hand, it has to be clarified whether the insulation should be installed from inside or from outside.

  • Size of the roof area
  • Square footage of living space under the roof
  • roof pitch
  • Strength of the rafters for intermediate rafter insulation
  • Which roofing (if external insulation desired)

Tips & Tricks

If the covering of the roof is no longer the best anyway and needs to be renewed in the next few months, this of course is the opportunity to raise a full insulation system from the outside and to get the promotion of Kfw for the renovation.

In any case, all applications must in principle be made before the start of the work. There are no subsidies afterwards.

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